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Mathematical Logic, formerly Mathematical Reasoning, is a Math course in the CTY program. It requires previous enrollment outside of CTY in Algebra I. Its course code is REAS, and it is offered at Baltimore, Lancaster, and Los Angeles (second session only).


Course Description

The curriculum of Mathematical Logic varies between years and sites. Common topics include:

  • Formal logical operators such as implication, negation, "and", and "or";
  • Methods of proof, including direct proof, proof by contradiction, and induction;
  • Mathematical problem solving;
  • First-order logic;
  • Set theory;
  • Graph theory; and
  • Metalogic

Class History

Mathematical Logic is often populated with Squirrels, as its only prerequisite is Algebra I. At LAN, it is often taught by Jake, who is delightfully overenthusiastic, owns stilts, and often does circus tricks. If you have Jake for REAS, make sure to get lots of circus tricks and the mathematics of juggling!


The awesome TA Grace (who does extreme sudokus in under 10 minutes) is now called Graceta. The awesome instructor, John (who is a BEAST) is now called IJohn. The RAs were Ryan (RaRyan) and Angel (who did not have a nickname) We had the best session ever with sentential logic, quantified logic, circuit logic, mathematical induction, proofs, paradoxes, and logic puzzles. We used forallx, and with our awesome class and course, we were an AWESOME class.

The winning logic groups were the Ninjas, Unicorns FTW!, and Vegan Lamposts


With the Puzzle Master as a TA, and God of Logic/Harry Potter as a teacher, we had the greatest class ever! Popular break activity was playing with teacher's frisbee. Used textbook forallx. Class included sentential logic, quantified logic, Aristotlean logic, proofs, and logic puzzles.

LAN.08.1 G-Farbism

Using the book Deductive Logic, by Warren Goldfarb, the students began to worship Goldfarb, calling him G-farb for short.

The religion is dead to most of Math Logic students, but G-Farb is still alive in our hearts.

LAN.06.2 Total War

In 06.2, a war between Number Theory and Math Logic erupted. The Math Logic teacher ("What's a mattababy?" "I dunno, baby, what's a matter which you?") instructed his students to chant "PROOF PROOF PROOF" to get revved up. Soon, the Number Theory students also started chanting in their classroom for all to hear. The war eventually evolved to include Etymologies. See the Lancaster Hall of Fame for more information.

In 09 and 10, both sessions, Math Logic was taught by an instructor named Jake that enjoyed circus tricks. The course was very well-taught and included lots of fun activities. The class also got to hear a lot about juggling.

In 11.2, Jake again taught Math Logic along with his awesome TA Josh. The class was a huge amount of fun, but no circus tricks to be seen (hmm...) Jake would have 3 bananas a day, and would boil water in class to make tea or coffee. There were so many proofs, and proof trees to make all day! In 2011, the three logic classes plus Math Logic got together to play proof golf in Mayser! The results were as follows: 1st place: Logic C 2nd place: Logic B 3rd place: Math Logic 4th place: Logic A. At then end of the session, Math Logic watched Inception!

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