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CTY is a summer camp where students get to learn and have fun in an tolerant, open community. This website is devoted to describing every aspect of the CTY experience.

CTY officially stands for Center for Talented Youth (although there are many other student-created CTY expansions), and is run by Johns Hopkins University. It accepts all qualified students who have completed the 7th grade up until the age of 18. As a condition of admission to CTY, students must take the College Board SAT far earlier than normal (usually 7th or 8th grade) and earn a score higher than that of the average college-bound senior.

It should be noted that although CTY was created for intelligent students to learn outside the boundaries of school, it has become so much more. Many people feel CTY is the greatest sense of community and love they have ever experienced, and the love and memories stay with them for a lifetime. CTY changes lives. Because of this, people are motivated to return even after they have taken all the classes that interest them.

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