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Fast-Paced High School Physics is a Science course in the CTY program. It requires previous enrollment in Algebra II (although students with only Algebra I have been known to occasionally sneak in). The course is intended primarily to take the place of regular high school physics because of its extensive coverage. Its course code is PHYW, and it is offered at Carlisle, Lancaster, Los Angeles, and Saratoga Springs.

Course Description

CTY Physics is a course which covers roughly two years of high school level physics in three weeks. A typical honors-level high school class will cover about 16-17 chapters over a school year. CTY Physics covers 28-30 chapters, resulting in a pace of over 2-4 chapters per day. The class essentially covers the AP Physics B curriculum and is a good preparation class for both AP Physics C: Mechanics and E/M. Students are strongly advised to have had trigonometry before taking this class. Basic knowledge of differential and integral calculus are also helpful for understanding certain concepts, though the course is not a calculus-driven physics course.

Class History

Details about notable classes at Saratoga Springs and Los Angeles can be found in the Memories pages about those sites.

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