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Baby CTY is the Johns Hopkins program for students between in grades 5 through 6, as opposed to regular CTY, which is for kids in grades 7 and above. There is no corresponding CAA for baby CTY. Separate sites are used for baby and regular CTY. Baby CTY uses the PLUS test or the PSATs as opposed to the SAT of regular CTY.

There is a very small group of people grades 2 through 4 that take a different test and go to their own set of sites, but this program is not widely known, and it is usually also termed "baby CTY," sometimes "ultra-baby CTY." Only about a third of CTYers have gone to baby CTY. The term "baby CTY" is only used for unofficial purposes, but it is not pejorative.

There are a few people who have gone all the way from ultra-baby CTY (2nd-4th grade) to "big kids" or regular CTY. Some of these rarities are listed here:

  • Adam Roush, Baltimore and Lancaster
  • Susannah Roush (me! ;) ), Carlisle and Lancaster
  • Rory Caskey, Carlisle
  • Rachel Luban, Carlisle
  • Daniel Luban, Carlisle
  • Philip Nathan, Lancaster
  • Rachel Todd, Lancaster
  • Kelson Schilling-Scrivo, Carlisle
  • Zev Hurwich, Lancaster
  • Kat W., Loudonville
  • Rachel Larrowe, Lancaster
  • Washington Urbina, Lancaster
  • Wade Burelbach, Los Angeles

The older students in this list all went to the Sandy Spring Friends School site, the only ultra-baby CTY site in Maryland. For two years, however, ultra-baby CTY was moved to Georgetown Day School while SSFS was renovated. There is also an ultra-baby site at Garrison Forest School, attended by Rachel Larrowe, which was recently moved to St. Paul's School. These are both in the Baltimore area. There is also a site in LA, that only 100 or so people go to every year. (Kat was one) Please add to the list if you know anyone else!

Although Baby CTY has very little tradition, it does provide an introduction to a couple CTY Canon and "sub-Canon" songs, including "Dragostea Din Tei" by Ozone and "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. Furthermore, American Pie is the last song at the dances.

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