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"CTY" is an initialism that, according to the higher-ups, stands for "Center for Talented Youth." And this is not a list of acronyms or a list of initialisms because the initialism-that-isn't-an-acronym for all of these is "CTY". Therefore, this is a list of expansions for "CTY". It starts under the following line:

The Classics

  • Center(or association) for Bad Spellers/Center for Talented Spellers
  • Center for Smart Talented Youth
  • Center for Transvestite Youth
  • Ceriously Talented Youth (SAR.06.1, made by CTY's enemies the Rinas.)
  • Camp Touch Yourself
  • Can't Tell You (as in: "What does 'CTY' stand for?" "'Can't Tell You.'")
  • Coolest Time of the Year
  • Center for Troubled Youth
  • Center for Twisted Youth (CAR.08.2)
  • Center for Time Lord Youth
  • Corrupting The Youth
  • Cult for Talented Youth

The Creative

  • Cooler Than You
  • Capitalism Targets the Yale-bound (Cost of Tuition = Yikes)
  • Carbon Tetrafluoride, Yo.
  • Care for Tea, Y'all?
  • Censors Take Your ****
  • Chaos Theorists of Yoknapatawpha [Y = the geographic setting of most of William Faulkner's fiction]
  • Chaos Theory in Yeats (Concept Therein Yields a Crummy Thesis, Yes?)
  • Corporation of Tactful Yes-men
  • Corrupting and Traumatizing Youth
  • cos X tan X = Y-coordinate
  • Sea Tea Why (LAN.07.1.ETYM)
  • Society for Terrible Acronyms
  • Yeah, Try the Converse
  • Candy Treats. Yum!
  • Centa fo' Thugz, Yo.

The Others

  • Ceriously Traumatized Youngsters
  • Cult of Troubled Youth
  • Center for Troubled Yellows
  • Can't Touch this Youth
  • Crazy Times Youth
  • Cool Traditions? Yeah
  • Center for Talented Yahoos
  • Can't stop The Yapping
  • Cats That love Yarn
  • "Civilized" Terrific Youngsters
  • Center for Tentacled Youth (LAN Afterdance)
  • Center for Thugarific Youth
  • Camp for Training Yuppies
  • Camp Take-our Youth
  • Canadian Transvestite Youth
  • Cancerous Tanned Yaks
  • Canned Tyrants Yum!
  • Catch the Tyrants Young
  • Catch the Yamulke
  • Cataclysmic Tectonic-plate Yaw
  • Center for Semi-Talented Youth (LOS.06.1.POLY)
  • Center for Tap-Dancing Yaks
  • Center for Terrorist Youth
  • Center for Torturing Youth
  • Center for Transvestite Yodlers
  • Center for Travelling Yodelers
  • Children Tainted Yellow
  • Clinic for Troubled Yaks
  • Closet Taoists like Yourself
  • Cocaine Tainted Youth (In honor of the PA Rinas, and their suspicions)
  • Commune for Treatment of Yams
  • Commune of Topless Youths/Corpulent Topless Youths
  • Commune of Truncated Yogurts
  • Communist Trained Youth
  • Conglomerate of Taciturn Yeti [Y = Abominable Snowmen from Tibet]
  • Cow Tipping Youth
  • Crazy and Trapped Youth
  • Crazy Troubled Youths
  • Creepy Troubled Youths
  • Cross-dressing Transvestite Youth
  • Cult of Talented Youth
  • Cult of Twisted Youth
  • Cult of Terrorist Youngsters
  • Curiously Tainted Youth
  • Cynical (but) Talented Young'uns
  • Czecheslovakian Transvestite Yodelers
  • Can I Touch You?
  • Cremated and Tormented Yardsticks (Center for Troubled Young [Asians])
  • Containment for Troubled Youngsters
  • Crave Tasty frozen Yogurt
  • Ceriously Tardy Youth
  • Cult for Troubled Yams
  • Center for Toe Youth
  • Center for Taiwanese Youth