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Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out to whom to direct a comment or question about CTY.

Main Office (General Info):

Johns Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth (CTY)
McAuley Hall
5801 Smith Ave, Ste 400
Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: (410) 735-4100

Head People at CTY

  • Caroline Hartley -- Alumni Relations (email her with questions or for alumni lanyards)
  • Patricia Schellenbach --Senior Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Vicki Weyforth -- Administrative Director, Study of Exceptional Talent (SET)
    (410) 735-6120
  • Galen White -- Coordinator, Academic Programs (Dickinson and Union Campus in particular, and in general a helpful guy)

Other CTYers You May Want To Talk To (and Why)