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CTY offers a wide range of courses.  The following list has been compiled from the course descriptions listed in CTY's [http://cty.jhu.edu/summer/catalogs/os/oscatalog.html Summer Programs Catalog]:
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<!-- Before posting any "????" or any courses you aren't sure about, try longing in to MyCTY as an alum (you can do this even if you are still in CTY courses) then at the top select the "Alumni Directory". There the "Course Taken" drop down will show almost all the course names and codes CTY has ever had-->
=CTY Courses=
==Humanities Courses==
* [[Beginning Ancient Greek]]: GRK1
* [[Latin I]]: LAT1
* [[Linguistics]]: LNCS
* [[Logic: Principles of Reasoning]]: LOGC
* [[Ethics]]: ETHC
* [[Existentialism]]: EXIT
* [[Philosophy of Mind]]: MIND
* [[Law and Politics in US History]]: LAWP
* [[International Politics]]: POLY
* [[Cognitive Psychology]]: COGN
* [[Taking Action: Leadership and Service]]: SERV
==Writing Courses==
* [[Creative Nonfiction]]: WRT3
* [[Fiction and Poetry]] : INCW
* [[Freaks and Geeks in Popular Media]] : GEEK
* [[Utopias and Dystopias]]: TOPI
* [[Advanced Fiction]]: FICT
* [[Wicked Art: Pictures, Pixels, and Pens]]: WART
* [[The Digital Revolution: Writing and Social Media]]: DIGR
==Math Courses==
* [[Cryptology]]: CODE
* [[Advanced Cryptology]]: COD2
* [[Probability and Game Theory]]: GAME
* [[Mathematical Logic]]: REAS
* [[Number Theory]]: THEO
* [[Individually Paced Mathematics Sequence]]: MATH
* [[Fundamentals of Microeconomics]] : MICO
* [[Macroeconomics and the Global Economy]] : MACR
==Computer Science Courses==
* [[Fundamentals of Computer Science]]: FCPS
* [[Data Structures and Algorithms]]: DATA
* [[Advanced Robotics]]: AROB
==Science Courses==
* [[Introduction to Biomedical Sciences]]: INBS
* [[The History of Disease]]: HDIS
* [[Paleobiology]]: PBIO
* [[Fast Paced High School Biology]]: BIOL
* [[Neuroscience]]: NEUR
* [[Genetics]]: GENE
* [[Genomics]]: GNIC
* [[Fast Paced High School Chemistry]]: CHEM
* [[Electrical Engineering]]: EENG
* [[Fast Paced High School Physics]]: PHYW
* [[Investigations in Engineering]]: IENG
* [[Astrophysics]] : ASTR
* [[Advanced Topics in Physics: Special Relativity]]: SREL
* [[Intro to Organic Chemistry]] :INOC
== Defunct Courses ==
Not every course lasts forever.  If the course you took long ago is not listed above, it might have undergone a name change, or it might have been phased out.  Here are some of the courses that are no longer offered:
* [[Great Revolutions]]: HIST
* [[Modern European History]]: EUHI
* [[Women and US Social Reform]]: AWOM
* [[American Studies: The Harlem Renaissance]]: HREN
* [[Gandhi's India]]: GAND
* [[Goodwives and Witches: Women in Colonial America]]: GOOD
* [[Newton, Darwin, and Einstein]]: NEDE
* [[The Critical Essay: Shakespeare]]: WR4C
* [[The Crafting of Poetry]]: POET
* [[The Crafting of Drama]]: PLAY
* [[Calculus]]: CALC
* [[Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science]]: CPS1
* [[Digital Logic]]: DIGI
* [[Introduction to Laboratory Sciences]]: ISCI
* [[Selected Topics in Advanced Biology]]: ABIO
* [[Selected Topics in Advanced Chemistry]]: ACHM
* [[Scientific Investigations: St. Mary's River]]: RIVR
* [[The Life Cycle of an Island: Hawaii]]: LCIS
* [[Intermediate Ancient Greek]]: GRK2
* [[Twentieth Century Art]]: TWEN
* [[Dissent]]: DISS
* [[The Critical Essay: Science Fiction]]: WR4D
* [[Mathematical Modeling]]: MODL (changed to CAA)
* [[Advanced Mathematical Modeling]]: AMOD
* [[Archaeology]]: ARCH
* [[Memoirs of War]]: MWAR
* [[Statistics]]: STAT
* [[Geography]]: GEOG
* [[Readings in Western Culture]]: WEST
* [[Mathematical Reasoning]]: MARS
* [[Writing and Imagination]]: WRIT (Moved to Baby CTY)
* [[Civil War Studies]]: CIVS
* [[Mathematical Problem Solving]]: MPSE
* [[Russian History]]: RUHI
* [[History of Western Art]]: HART
* [[Music Theory]]: MUST
* [[Islam]]: ISLM
* [[American Studies: The Sixties]]: AMST
* [[Politics in the Middle East]]: PLME
* [[The Asian Pacific Rim]]: PRIM
* [[The Critical Essay: Film]]: WR4E
* [[Set Theory]]: SETM
* [[The Chesapeake Bay Oyster]] : OYST
* [[Whales and Estuary Systems]] : WHLS (Changed to CAA)
* [[Etymologies]] : ETYM
* [[The Critical Essay: Literature and the Arts]]: WR4A
* [[The Critical Essay: Popular Culture]]: WR4B
=CTY CAA Courses=
These courses are CTY's lower verison called Academic Exploration courses. These courses are mostly intro level courses and require lower scores to get into then CTY Intensive Studies.
==Humanities Courses==
* [[Introduction to Logic]] : ILOG
* [[Philosophy]] : PHIL
* [[Foundations of Psychology]] : PSYC
* [[Great Cases: American Legal History]]: CASE
* [[Bioethics]] : BIOE
==Writing Courses==
* [[Crafting the Essay]]: WRTG
* [[Writing About Place: The Monterey Bay]] : WBAY
* [[Whodunit? Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film]] : WHOD
* [[The Graphic Novel]] : GNOV
==Mathematics Courses==
* [[The Mathematics of Money]] : MONY
* [[Mathematical Modeling]] : MATX
* [[Geometry through Art]] : GART
* [[Paradoxes and Infinities]] : PDOX
* [[Discrete Math]] : DMAT
* [[Game Theory and Economics]] : GMTH
==Science and Engineering Courses==
* [[Principles of Engineering Design]]: EGRD
* [[Anatomy and Physiology]] : ANPY
* [[Zoology]] : ANSC
* [[Biotechnology]] : BIOT
* [[Chemistry in Society]] : CHMS
* [[The Physics of Sports]] : PHSP
* [[Introduction to Astronomy]] : STAR
* [[Whales and Estuary Systems]]: WHLS
==Computer Science==
* [[Foundations of Programming]] : CMPS
=CTY Princeton Courses=
* [[The Mathematics of Competitive Behavior]]: MOCB
* [[Epidemiology, Re-emerging Infectious Diseases, and Pandemics]]: EPID
* [[Science, Technology and Public Policy]]: SPUB
* [[Global Politics: Human Rights and Justice]]: GPOL
* [[Human Nature and Technology]]: HTEC
* [[Politics in the Middle East]]: PSME
* [[Politics and Film]]: POLF
* [[Race and Politics]]: RPOL
The Civic Leadership Institute course is offered at Johns Hopkins (session 1) and Berkeley (session 2).<br/>
* [[Service, Leadership & Community Transformation]]
This is the CTY program offered at Hong Kong University which is a combination of Intensive Studies and Academic Explorations.
==Mathematics and Computer Science Courses==
* [[Cryptology]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Macroeconomics and the Global Economy]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Fundamentals of Microeconomics]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Fundamentals of Computer Science]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Game Theory and Economics]] (Academic Explorations)
* [[Mathematical Modeling]] (Academic Explorations)
* [[The Mathematics of Money]] (Academic Explorations)
* [[Paradoxes and Infinities]] (Academic Explorations)
==Science Courses==
* [[Fast Paced High School Chemistry]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Introduction to Biomedical Sciences]] (Intensive Studies)
* [[Chemistry in Society]] (Academic Explorations)
* [[Principles of Engineering Design]] (Academic Explorations)
==Humanities Courses==
* [[Introduction to Logic]] (Academic Explorations)
==Writing Courses==
* [[Crafting the Essay]] (Academic Explorations)
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