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The Fruitopia bottle is a bottle of, predictably, Fruitopia, that has been around since 2000. (And maybe 1999.) It also represents one of Lancaster Session 2's many positions. Each year, the nomore who has it stands up at Passionfruit and asks a brave one-more to volunteer. Then, after it is too late for the one-more to back out, the no-more takes out the Fruitopia bottle and explains how long it's been around. The no-more then takes a sip from the bottle and passes it to the one-more, who freezes it for a year until the next Passionfruit.

Ironically, the Fruitopia bottle, being of the "Strawberry Passion Awareness" variety, is typically the only juice at Passionfruit that is actually passionfruit-flavored. It actually tastes exactly like a delicious cherry Jolly Rancher.

The Fruitopia tradition was changed somewhat in 2009, to this effect: Someone who is attracted to the Alcove, who loves the traditions, but doesn't have any classmates or friends in the Alcove, may go his or her whole CTY career without crossing the threshold and entering the Alcove itself, thus being de facto barred from ever holding his/her own position. The Alcove has always had a policy of welcoming anyone who comes in, but in practice, people rarely enter unaccompanied. So, as a symbolic gesture, the Fruitopia is now given by an Alcovian to a non-Alcovian, with the expectation that next year, as the holder of the Fruitopia, the recipient will finally cross the threshold and invite others to do the same. As of 2015, a paper entitled "The Fruitopia Survival Kit" has also been passed down along with the bottle.

Holders of the Fruitopia bottle

  • 2001: Matthew Kehrt
  • 2002: Emily "42" Kehrt
  • 2003: Laurel Kanawyer
  • 2004: Ringo Venanzi
  • 2005: Tassie Andersen
  • 2006: Katharine [lastname] and Gregory Lawrence IV
  • 2007: Julia "Juice" Revzin
  • 2008: EB Saldana (deferred to Caroline Sagalchik)
  • 2009: Charlie McGeorge
  • 2010: Emily "Lutz"
  • 2011: Liz O'Neill
  • 2012: Katie Patton
  • 2013: Temitayo Wolff
  • 2014: Louis Herman
  • 2015: Bryony Conte
  • 2016: Elaine Zhang
  • 2017: Tyler Medina-Minerva
  • 2018: Madeline Lee (deferred to Quinn Reinhardt)
  • 2019: Amalia Kutin
  • 2020: Andy Shi