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One thing CTYers are known for is their general weirdness. I personally know CTYers who have spent whole days wearing signs with strange messages on them, and whole classes who have had pillow fights on stage at closing ceremonies. However, these acts weren't well-known or significant. There are some acts of weirdness that are much more well-known or widespread. These earn a place in the The CTY Hall of Fame.

If you wish to add info about famous staff members, name pages with the name the RA was most commonly known by. Famous students or things done by students should be placed in the Hall of Fame pages; most interesting things arise from individuals anyway.

If you are adding something to a Hall of Fame, please do not do so unless it actually is memorable for years to come or had particular significance for your site. Anyone adding something that is pointless or is an inside joke, or who is just trying to look cool by becoming a legend, will have their entries deleted or, if stupid enough, moved to the Hall of Shame.


The Halls of Fame are divided by site:

NOTE: If your Hall of Fame entry has disappeared, it has probably been moved to Memories. If you are the author and you are wondering why, the likely reason is that people from your site/session agreed that the event or act was not quite as memorable as you may believe it to be. The distinction between HoF and Memories is admittedly a little hazy, but the criterion for deciding where a given entry ends up usually boils down to whether (1) it had lasting effect or (2) it was a large-scale and positive rules protest, change, or breakage; most HoF entries fall into one of these two groups. Many well-known events or stunts that were famous in a given session but not necessarily carried to later years can be found in the Memories pages. If your entry entirely, please contact an admin who will restore it to the proper Memories page, or feel free to put it up there yourself.