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RainbowGhettoFabulous Day

Rainbowghettofabulous Day was created when in 2001, Ally, the creator of the holiday, witnessed a rainbow. That session was the session of wannabe gangsters, so it was appropriate to yell "hollER" to everyone you met. When Ally witnessed the rainbow, she achieved an enlightment: Rainbowghettofabulous. This holiday is intended to spread love happiness and joy. Don't forget to rock some rainbow toe socks. Throughout 03.2 and 04.2, RainbowGhettoFabulous Day has taken place. Methods for celebration include wearing extremely colorful clothing, possibly including coloring your hair with rainbow markers, along with occasionally shouting "I love you!" to another random CTY-er (or non-CTY-er, if you really want to confuse people), giving hugs, wishing people a Happy RainbowGhettoFabulous Day and smiling. Its purpose is to spread joy and love to everyone (has nothing to do with gay pride).

Eventually, the holiday became such a large part of this site, this session that at the end, when the RAs performed their goodbye performance of "You know you've been at CTY Bristol too long when...," two of the RAs, Jill and Brandon, finished the sentence with "you understand--and celebrate--RainbowGhettoFabulous Day." They were, of course, decked out in colorful clothing, necklaces etc. The holiday now occurs whenever Ally and her friends decide that they need one.

Rainbowghettofabulous day has not been celebrated for quite some time, though there are plans to attempt to bring it back during the 09.1.

Marrige at BabyCTY

In 19.2, a marrige between two RAs, RA Donovan and Madison from Baby CTY was spread through talk and at the last dance an impromptu wedding was created for them.