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Possibly the best part of CAA Administration ever.


  • Craziest RA: Tatiana
  • "Dont Swing Your Lanyarddd" -Juliet


  • Numa Numa dance by Dan Small, Bobby and James
  • Goth Monday
  • Cross Dress Wednesday


  • Completely new administration... :-/
  • Goth Monday
  • Prep Tuesday
  • Cross Dress Wednesday
  • Over day long Campus wide Blackout


  • Horrible PDA obsessed administration
  • Numa Numa dance by [Corey Feldman] and Brian Herrera
  • Protest during second dance 08.2
  • Famed CAAmper, Tonia Ogundipe, attracted an enormous crowd with her version of the Cupid Shuffle at the first dance


  • Dean of Residential Life, Heather, for being the most anti-fun DRL in history
  • The first dance was cancelled (due to a tornado watch), almost unprecedented in CTY history
    • Site Director Brian had to make the call around 3pm, and he chose to cancel it, despite no tornados actually forming.
  • Moby Pushup challenge was completed for the first time in CTY history, first by Charles An (14.2), Second by Omar Kenawy, then Oscar Moreno, Nick I-Heng Tan, and eventually RA Richard
  • Massive hug exchange after the last American Pie. Even between strangers, and "not a word was spoken." People just understood.
  • "The CTY Journey" by Matt Hua. A poem he wrote during the session and read at the talent show, as he did in 14.2. He received a standing ovation and brought some to tears.
  • In one of the weirdest exchanges in Keefe Hall, one student was asked: "Do you know what passion fruit is?" "Yes" "Then you know what passion fruit juice is." "No, I know the fruit is passionate, but what type of fruit is it?"


  • Drew Slager showed his lip-syncing skills during Swashbuckler and the Talent Show of 17.2. His playlist included "Low", "Bon Appetit", "Single Ladies", "Allstar", and "Sweatshirt".


  • Paul Pelkowski graced us all with his easygoing personality and Mason Ramsey-like appearance. For the last dance, he dressed as our favorite yodeling boy and danced to his song.