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  • A giant branch almost fell on some campers until RA Jeeves superman'd their lives

2016 Session 2

  • Hype squad: Hype boss: Callum; Hype leader: Josh; deputy: Henry; Other members include: Keven, Jonah, Justin, Alex, Shea, Nathan, Calix, Melvin, Nova, Grant, Meris, Danielle, Eli, etc.

2017 Session 1

  • Shaneka's Hall: We've got orange nails. We've got hoop earrings. And don't forget about our gorgeous hair.
  • Nikhil's Hall: Five acts in Talent Show. They consisted of dancing to XO Tour Llif3, renditions of Wonderwall by Oasis and Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius among others. (Eli Aguilar, Alfredo Fonesca, Christopher Kim, Moses Kwon)