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The Squirrel Theory


At Clinton Session One of '97, an interesting theory circulated. Basically, it stated that there is but a single squirrel. He is a mystical five-dimensional beast, which means he can travel in the regular 3, and also time and dimensions. His dimension hopping abilities allow him to go into another dimension and pull back a copy of himself from that dimension, which explains how you could see more than one at once, or in different places, or how they would look different, because in other dimensions, he would have undergone different life's conditions, and that would have altered his appearance. This theory, created by Dwight Bussman, was told throughout the session, and remembered well by CTYers who were there, thus earning it a place in the CTY Hall of Fame.

Wow...I can't believe that kid got into CTY. The fifth dimension is not, as stated "dimensions."


The Protest


During the second dance at Loudonville 2004 Session 1, American Pie was cut short twice. As this wasn't the first time during that dance a canon song had been cut short (End of the World), the CTYers all over the dance floor began sitting down in protest (following the example of Tim Mullen) and shouted at the RA's running the sound equipment. Soon, the site director came in and yelled at everyone to be quiet, which they did, although they still refused to stand. The RA in charge then played Time Warp, resulting in everyone returning to their feet to dance and lights out being pushed back about 10 minutes due to the lengthened dance. After Time Warp, they played American Pie for a third and, finally, successful time.

Mike Gonan later reported that it was a software glitch in "Windows Media Player," even though the DJ used iTunes. Even after the fact had been proven otherwise, he absolutely insisted.

EDIT: The way I remember it was that yes, End of the World was previously cut short but then Stairway was cut short and American Pie started to be played, and everyone sat down in protest but eventually got up because it was American Pie then Cindy Ragland the site director agreed to play Stairway again and extend lights out.

Dan the Man Lives On


During LOU.05.1, Dan "the Man" started wearing his sunglasses 24-7, inside and outside, class times, meal times, showers, to bed, everywhere. They became a mark of his coolness and general kickassitude, never leaving his face to the point that he got a glasses tan, even though he didn't need to wear glasses. Being a nevermore in 06.1, at the end of his Passionfruit speech, Dan the Man passed on his sunglasses, along with the title of "the Man", to Dan, Alice's little brother. Dan the [Previous/Original/Ex/etc.] Man wears sunglasses no more, instead being marked by his mandolin, copious body hair, and sexy beard.

Fight Club


During LOU.06.1, Dan the [Original] Man brought his copy of Fight Club to let a friend borrow. The book ended up circulating through five or six different people. At the same time, Dan the Man and Jon Webster began an actual fight club, jumping on each other at random points in time and wrestling until one of them was subdued or an RA broke them up. Several of these fights were videotaped for later distribution, because ironically, the first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club.



During the first session on the second weekend, the "Poster Couple" of CTY felt a sudden urge to make out right in front of Padua. On Saturday. Afternoon. Of course, they were caught, and their parents called to be notified of the PDA. Most parents would be mad at their children, but the father of the guy called back (as his mother was called) and complained to Shannah, as he thought the kids should not have been disturbed. The RA, Jess, who caught them was forced to apologize.