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Maximum Swag

In a weekly activity devoted to making clothes from craft materials, under the hands of Miriam, a resident of April's hall, the hat of Maximum Swag was born. It was made of the finest materials (Casino Night money and a pom-pom). Soon after its creation, Eunnie was appointed its official bearer.


Friendship Day

Fifth floor stuck sticky notes everywhere saying "Happy Friendship Day! Pass it on". They also decorated friend's doors with compliments.

The Cult of Midori

Ran around screaming "I haven't had Doritos in a very long time! Non-believer non-believer non-believer run!"



RA Sofi managed to fool the entire site by claiming she, RA Kendall, RA Owen, and RA Jacob were quadruplets.

It all started at the first hall meeting she led in 17.2, where she told her hall that they were quadruplets. She then tricked many people with crazy stories and explanations that were, in fact, believed. When Sofi's hall asked her why Kendall was homeschooled for eight years, Sofi told them that their school didn't want the "quadruplets" to be all in the same class, so they put one in each of the three classes. Since there wasn't a fourth class, and Kendall was prone to physically fighting with her siblings, they decided to homeschool her. This story was never questioned. On other occasions, Kendall could be seen explaining to people that the reason why she and Sofi looked so similar was because they were sisters.

The "quadruplets" slipped a couple of times about having other siblings and ended having to make up an older and younger sister. Sofi removed her, Kendall's, Owen's, and Jacob's name tags on the 7th floor so CTYers wouldn't notice their last names were different. She eventually restored the name tags, but Kendall's was never recovered.

Near the end of the session, Sofi told her hall the quadruplet story was a hoax. Kendall supposedly revealed the secret to her hall after the last dance while they were in the elevator so they couldn't escape. It is unknown whether or not Jacob and Owen's halls ever learned the quadruplet story was fake.

On Twin Day, Jacob and Owen dressed alike down to their accessories (hats, backpacks, clothes, etc.). The "quadruplets" sat together at breakfast and pointed out physical differences between them and spent their time pointing out physical differences between them, such as Kendall's nose being pointier than Sofi's.

Note: When asked why the quadruplets looked like two sets of twins (Kendall and Sofi, Jacob and Owen), Sofi said that they were not born at the same time, which would mean that they were not, in fact, quadruplets.


Bruh Formation

During every dance, TA Eleanor and the Psychology class led a Conga line-style dance in what was called "bruh formation." This involved holding one's arms perpendicular to the body with the elbows bent at ninety-degree angles.