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Fire Alarm

A girl in McKeen pulled a fire alarm during a hall meeting. This might've been a good thing because the girls had an extended 15 minutes of lights out, but several other girls in the opposite hall of the floor were in showers, causing them to freeze outside. Luckily, no firefighters or Campus Police went to the scene.

Keefe Fire Drill

Shortly after a Keefe fire drill, someone forgot to cover their ramen causing the alarm to go off again at 10:20pm and having the male students evacuate the building until nearly 11. From the outside of Keefe, a camper could be seen still in the building running back and forth gathering his clothes (as he was in the shower) on Keefe 4. Several other male students from Keefe 2 and 4 were spotted wearing towels.


Sexual Assault

During 17.1, the first documented case of sexual assault occurred on campus. During Casino Night on the second weekend, a universally disliked male camper tackled one girl to the ground and punched her repeatedly to retrieve a hat as part of a highroller "dare." Then, he tried forcing a girl to marry him, which her hall immediately swooped in to save her. Afterwards, he allegedly fondled a camper whose name will be kept anonymous at their discretion. He was not immediately kicked out, but campus police were called, immediately pulling him out of the event. He was asked to sign what is essentially a non-legally binding restraining order, and upon refusal, was ejected from camp the day after. Unfortunately, his victim also left three days later, of her own volition. This same student also frequently harassed Liza's hall. This incident led to a required consent lecture during the first hall meeting in all sites in 18.1 and 18.2.

This case specifically was used to fight the administration on their actions on another case at a separate site due to this case being promptly dealt with. (SEE JHU HALL OF SHAME: 18.2)

The Easton Eleven

During 17.2, eleven students were kicked out of CTY on the second Saturday of camp for various reasons, mostly a group chat which contained sexual harassment, the usage of various slurs, and numerous offensive memes. All the while oblivious to the fact the person who started this drama has made statements that are even more inflammatory. A camper from McKeen 3 had the idea to write all their names with the hashtag #FreeThe11, which spread to all of McKeen 3 and eventually to Instagram. It is considered to be the most students kicked out of CTY in Easton history.

(Moved from Memories) On the second week of camp, 11 campers were kicked out from the camp, which was mourned by many campers. #FreeThe11 was the hashtag made by the campers to honor the 11 that were kicked out. On a whiteboard was a list of the names of the 11 that were kicked out, which said #free and then each name, which was erased by the RA's when they found out about this board. This was one of the largest amounts ever kicked out, possible the largest ever. They will be missed sorely. We will remember them forever as dear friends, not as villains.