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Sound System Mess-up


During the first dance of the second session, the audio kept cutting off. After about fifteen minutes of booing and people saying "This is lame," Jason Boring came with a bullhorn, which he held up to a radio. Fifteen minutes later the sound was fixed, but it would get cut for a second every few minutes. Because of the technical difficulties, the dance was extended a half hour. For about five seconds, there was mass uproar when the sound gave out at the beginning of American Pie.

Dorm Break-In


About midway through the session, the doorway of the chapel at the end of Huesman Hall was left open. In the middle of the night, two foreigners (apparently drunk, maybe Swedish) went into the chapel and gained access to the dorms themselves. They entered a room that was luckily vacant, but because of what happened, one student from each dorm room had to give their key to their RA and lock their doors at night instead of bolting them. The key would be returned in the morning before breakfast. This created huge problems during sleepovers, because roommates would often be seperated, and as many as six people had to stay in one room because they got locked out.

Lice Outbreak


Nine people were known to be infected with lice during session 2's final week, creating paranoia and chaos in the student population. CTY sent everyone home with a letter which included information about treating lice. Site Coordinator Karen Weeks became an expert at inspecting student and staff member's scalps for lice. Following the conclusion of the summer, at least one RA contracted head lice.

Lack of Canon

Session(s):2007 - present

A common complaint among more traditionalist or site-hopping CTYers is the lack of Canon played at the LOS dances. While certain songs are held to be more important or Canon-worthy, LOS lacks a well-defined Canon, unlike other sites. Songs such as Forever Young, Dragostea Din Tei, Istanbul (not Constantinople), and others are often passed up in favor of more "popular" and "catchy" songs. While this helps to make the dance more enjoyable for the less tradition-oriented, it is very upsetting to those who hold tradition in high esteem. Requests by students occasionally are helpful in getting more Canon to be played, but not often. One remembered instance of Canon failure includes 08.1, when It's the End of the World as We Know It was played abnormally early; this resulted in very low participation until RAs played it again (after an appearance by Jason Boring). Another is the last dance of 10.1, during which even extremely important songs such as Sandstorm and It's the End of the World as We Know It went unplayed (attributed by RAs to a lack of time because of the slideshow); additionally, the pronouncedly inferior Jay-Z remake of Forever Young was played instead of the Alphaville original. In 17.2, Forever Young was never played.

Slideshow/American Pie Disaster


After playing the traditional Stairway to Heaven during the third and final dance: as usual, the students sat down to watch the slideshow. After the slideshow repeatedly malfunctioned, Residential Dean Jason Boring informed the students that the plan was to play American Pie while the staff worked on the slideshow and then try again. After many angry complaints from the students they began American Pie. Once American Pie finished the students gathered around the screen once more, and once more the slideshow failed. Jason came out once more and after apologizing multiple times said, "The only thing I can think of is to play the last minute of American Pie again." Once again after many protests the circle reformed to restart the final minute of American Pie. The result was likely the most lackluster performance of American Pie ever witnessed at CTY. This disaster almost repeated itself in 08.1, but they got the slideshow to work before the end of the first verse.

Lack of Sunken Gardens


Sunken Gardens, the site of many activities, such as Water Day and the Dorm Olympics, was under renovation this year. They were tearing out grass and installing a sprinkler system. As a result, the Gardens remained closed, which was an enormous bummer.

Talent Show


The Talent Show was quite disappointing given that the RA's were cutting off the acts in order to squeeze in their mundane skits regarding America's Next Top Model which were insulting to Gay people, Straight people, People in between, and Epileptic people. When asked why these skits were so vital, the RA's replied, "We've practiced for a while, it's important." And they justified cutting off the MC's and certain acts as such.

Discovery of Yearbook Cancellation


No yearbooks were given out at the end of the session, which was a huge disappointment for all the nevermores and returners. When asked, Jason Boring said "It's an issue of cost." Many students were upset that they never did receive any yearbooks of any sort. There was also speculation that it was because of offensive comments that made it into previous yearbooks, especially ones in foreign languages.

American Pie Fiascos


At the first American Pie of the session, three to five CTYers sat in the middle of the American Pie swaying circle. One of the CTYers was reportedly a former JHU CTYer. They were pulled out of the circle by a group of CTYers including Bri., Allegra/Jackie, Emma, and Lyra. However, even though they were pulled out, they still ruined the beginning part of American Pie. The unsuspecting sitters were also charged at the first chorus of American Pie (that part when everyone runs into the middle) by angry traditionalists, and got crushed under the weight of traditionalist CTYer wrath.

At the next American Pie, a sheet was thrown around during the middle of the song. While this is not a fiasco, the writer of the article remembers the sheet coming over her head and not being able to see for two or three seconds. Also, there was a large group of people[primarily squirrel boys] who ran into the circle early.

Right before the final American Pie, and after stairway? a rap song started playing. it played for about four or five seconds, but during that time, a large amount of CTYers cheered, while the traditionalists and returners Booed. This is a fiasco because people CHEERED.

Even though the playing of canon was significantly better in 08.2, these deserve to be in the Hall of SHAME.

The Plague

Session(s):2009.1, 2009.2

At the beginning of the second week of CTY, people began reporting fevers and other flulike symptoms. Though these people were immediately sent home for seven days, the plague spread to over 60 (as told to second session students by office staff) students, as counted by the health office. Officially, two students had the Swine Flu. Many many more students went undercover and took contraband medications in order to avoid detection and quarantine. There were several illnesses, including H1N1, a different kind of Influenza A, and Bronchitis going around. The quarantine rooms filled up, so sick kids began to recieve roommates. Their friends were allowed to visit if the screen was closed, the well student was behind a line a yard from the window, and the sick student was wearing a medical mask. Many students vanished without so much as a goodbye. Terror reigned.

Following the outbreak during first session, during second session temperatures were taken before students were allowed to check-in (with only students with "normal" temperatures being allowed to check-in), and every morning before halls left for breakfast. Students with temperatures of ninety-nine or above were taken to the health office to be quarantined.

The Plague returned to second session mostly over the final weekend and week. It was reported that about 35 students were sent home in that week alone for various flulike symptoms. While many students were not able to be taken to the clinic to be tested due to insurance issues, several students who had the same symptoms as everyone else (minor cough and fever for a couple of days) tested positive for a generic throat virus.

At least one person tested positive for legit swine flu.

Kobe Campers Enter Desmond


During first session, along with the plague that spread rampantly throughout the campus, another plague hit CTY- the Kobe Camp. During the Kobe Camp's first night, their counselor's key cards to Rosecrans weren't working, so they thought they were in the wrong building. They tried their key cards on Desmond, however, and that worked perfectly. As a result, many girls were scared to find tall, large men in their hallways, looking around. Because of this, CTY required that all halls be locked into their hallways after lights out, and RAs posted signs everywhere that said "CTY" on them.


Noise Complaints


At the second dance, held at the Sullivan courtyard, at about 9 PM, CTY received a complaint from the nearby apartments that the dance was too loud. Despite the fact that one should accept some kind of noise if they choose to live right next to a university on a Friday night at 9 PM, the RAs were forced to turn the volume 70% down, making American Pie barely audible. Subsequently, the next dance was held in the second floor gym of the Burns Rec Center.

Boring Sleepover


During a midweek sleepover in the third week, two boys decided that they were bored and chose to entertain themselves by climbing out the window and onto the ledge outside the building (Whelan). the brave (or extremely stupid) CTYers crawled around the ledge extremely loudly, alerting their RA, who promptly looked outside and saw them. They immediately got in trouble.

{Note from one of the boys: I have edited it so that this story is 100% true. I know many of you heard it with us shining lights, but that is false.}

Sprinkler Surprise


During the last dance, the sprinklers came on in the middle of the slideshow (~9:57). Everybody screamed and ran. The first thing that many of the RAs did was to place their feet over the sprinklers to keep them from getting on the students while buckets were fetched to place over the errant sprinklers. However, when a particular, unnamed RA was asked by students if he would help, he replied, "I don't get paid enough for this shit. I ain't about that (putting his foot on the sprinklers) life. Fuck this." Needless to say, no one had a response.

The rest of the dance was to be continued on Huesman courtyard, but after a couple more minutes of the nostalgic slideshow (10:22), a second set of wretched sprinklers sprang to life. And, as before, everybody screamed and ran. The screen was then flipped around and the slideshow continued, with the students sitting on concrete and crowding around the fountain. It was at this point that, adding to the watery madness, one student fell into the fountain, drenching everyone in the vicinity.

Finally, it came time for American Pie. Everybody joined arms and sang along to the music. The mood, however, was brutally murdered by the appearance of a third set of ugly, black sprinklers in front of and beside Sullivan, which happened to attack at precisely the moment everyone ran into the center of the circle.

Dane was overheard chuckling slightly and telling another RA that, "This is so going on the Hall of Shame." Hell yes, damn straight Dane.

A few blurry photos of the event: http://k5288rez.imgur.com/all/


During 14.1, the camp was subjected to multiple strange smells during the session. Manure was being spread out behind Desmond for planting and the side of the cafeteria often stank of mysterious and disgusting odors.



As is the custom, students were told a few days before the last dance to email their photos to their RAs, who would then in turn email them to whoever was in charge of making the slideshow. Traditionally, almost all of the photos are used to ensure that almost everyone is included in (or at least can identify with) some part of the slideshow. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the slideshow consisted mainly (read: only) of pictures of a certain person and his class. (Note: It's not that we didn't like them, it's just that we perhaps would have liked to see the rest of ourselves a bit more.) This may sound silly, but it was a looong slideshow to only contain pictures of a few people. Many students were confused and disappointed, because (A) the slideshow is meant to be an emotional/nostalgic type of thing, which is slightly ruined by constant murmurs of, "That's the same picture," and "Him again?"; and (B) We had confirmation from more than one RA that the pictures were received and sent on, so where did they go?

The saga continues one month after both sessions are complete, when the slideshow is finally put up on the website. (I personally was looking forward to getting it even if none of my friends were in it, because hey, you can see the backgrounds still?) The admin managed to put up the YS slideshow instead of the IS slideshow. After some time and a friendly email, the correct slideshow was made available. Strangely, it was reduced to about 20 pictures, none of which were in the original slideshow. Maybe our complaining paid off a little too much?

All in all, it was a pretty large failure, unless you happened to be in the aforementioned class, in which case - congratulations. Your billion selfies were wonderful.


Casino Night Pickpocketing


At 10:03 pm on July 7th, 2022, it was a late night. Students were having fun at the Casino during Casino Night. Two students (Named Adam and Noah, last names removed for obvious reasons) snuck into the VIP section by taking the cargo elevator in the far corner of the compound. While everyone in the VIP section was enjoying a good old game of Texas hold 'em, they devised a plan to bring make a serious profit. Their scouting revealed that the dealer kept his wad of hundred-dollar bills in his back pocket.

Noah distracted the dealer while Adam (as seen in LMU's 2022.1 Hall of Fame) made his move and grabbed the stack of cash. The student immediately turned around to escape the crime scene, but evidently, he contacted the ass cheeks of the dealer too much. The dealer stood up and angrily confronted the student, pulling the money out of his pants pocket.

During the counting of the money at the end of the Casino night, the 2nd floor of Rosecrans was disqualified for stealing, as the pickpocketer was from 2nd floor Rosecrans. Stealing doesn't pay folks.

(Note that everyone involved in the event has seen this page and has gotten a good laugh out of it, its all good)

Another Slideshow Mishap


Throughout LOS 22.1, staff and students took photos for the end of session slideshow. They submitted them before the last dance, and there was a projection screen set up at the dance. However, American Pie was played around Nine PM, and CTYers were promptly sent back to the dorms immediately after. No one knows why, but the slideshow was forgotten.

Movie Night Disappointment


The movie night held in LOS 22.2 was more than disappointing. The night started with a Kahoot, to which a hall from Del Rey North began to sing extremely loudly. As the RA’s were waiting to start the Kahoot, many people joined into the game under the names of “stop singing”, “L singers”, “my ears hurt”, etc. Before the movie started, the popcorn machine somehow stopped working after a large line had already formed. The water gallon, as well, did not distribute any water, and was only filled with ice. The movie itself had technical difficulties. The projector would not play the movie, and when it did, there was no sound. By the time the movie had started to play properly, there were only thirty so minutes left until CTYers had to head back to the dorm. In the end, no one was paying attention to the movie, and most left disappointed.