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RA Victoria and the Toilet Phone Debacle of 15.1

So, in 15.1 PAL, Victoria's hall had quite the incident. About a week and a half into the session, someone's phone went missing. A few hours later, a girl found it (it wasn't her phone). We kinda suspected her of it, but we brushed it off and resumed our day. Another 3 days and someone's lanyard (fob, key, meal card and flash drive) goes missing. It is later found dropped outside of a bathroom window. I do not recall who noticed it. Suspicions are heightened, but we can cross two potential suspects off our list. Everyone locks their door now and is generally more cautious regarding their phones and lanyards. However, the night of the last dance, someone's phone goes missing. After approx. 8 hours and we have returned from classes, it is discovered in, and I kid you not, in a toilet. With water. Completely ruined. And this isn't a crappy (sorry, couldn't resist a pun) phone, mind you. This is a friggin' iPhone. It belonged to the girl that found the first phone, so she was no longer suspected of wrongdoing. I soon cannot locate my phone and use my roommate's phone (thanks, Michelle) to call my parents so they can locate my phone. They find it, it is near the law school, they say. I am losing my head. I tell my jerk of an RA about this, and we are launched into an all out police state. Open your doors ninety degrees, she orders, and do not leave your rooms. I, to my relief, find my phone, I had simply misplaced it. The law school is right next to our dorms, so that explained it. However, since I found it when the admins arrived, they weren't convinced I was innocent. Anyway, still no one confesses to the Toilet Phone. So, the dance is soon, and I look dashing in my lab coat and bow tie, but we can't go. Instead, we are forced to sit in the lounge for the duration of the dance, not even allowed out for American Pie. However, in that time, we become masters at covert nonverbal communication and we are perfectly happy and content to sit there. Several interrogations ensue. However, there is a period of five minutes where the lounge is vacant except for us, and we chat, cuss out Victoria, make obscene hand gestures and mock her. So it was kinda fun. After American Pie and tears that we had missed it, we were allowed out for the slideshow. We returned to our dorms, (thankfully we didn't have far to go, we were in Serra) more interrogations from the admins happen. We were all devastated, even the nerdier types like me. We all hated Victoria's guts and had many dorm discussions about her.