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Chaos Bean
Chaos Bean
Sad boi hours

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This is the lunch table cult, a group of friends dedicated to the radical power of friendship, CTY, memes, shippng. and sitting at one specific lunch table.


The following is the (mostly) full history of the Lunch Table Cult. If you have something to add to the history, please do!

In Saratoga 16.2, there was a group of friends who were very weird. The group began with BabyCTY friends Dorothy (Dot) Zhou and Daisy Fernandez, who were joined Dot's hallmate Lara Madison and Alexander (though usually called Sasha) Kucher, who had double-sessioned with Lara. They began sitting at the same lunch table, in the corner near Emily's Garden in the Skidmore Cafeteria. They were later joined by 'Joey' Huang, who was also a double-sessioner whose real name is still not known to the author. On the same day, they were also joined by Hudson Jakubowicz, who was in Sasha's class and met Dot and Daisy at an improv activity, and, last but not least, Rhys Bloom, whose shared a break time with Daisy, but otherwise was kind of a random person. He was confirmed as not being a demon by Daisy and Dot throwing salt at him, which confused but intrigued him. Throughout this session, they engaged in multiple varied discussions, whether about Hetalia, Doctor Who, and shipping(mostly shipping).

To this day the members of the OG Lunch Table Cult still keep in touch through discord and Google Hangouts, although member Joey Huang has gone MIA, as he is from China and failed to give his fellow members his correct contact information. If anyone knows where he is, please tell us!

In Saratoga 17.2, members Dorothy, Daisy, Hudson, and Rhys returned; however, Sasha and Lara, a site hopper, went to Lancaster session 1, and Joey went MIA (Joey, where are you, child?). The cult was not as strong this year, and did not sit at the same table all the time, but still had the additions of CTYers Jack, Ashley, Max, Alice, and Angie.

Unfortunately, this already small group of friends were split again in 2018, this time with Dot and Daisy attending Saratoga 18.1 and everyone else attending session 2.

However, due to the slightly manic efforts of Dot and Daisy, the cult spread to session 1, with roughly 16 people joining by the end of the session. The group bonded over fandoms, politics, annoying classmates, and other topics. Also created in session 1 was the title of cult leader, which was given to Dot on the last day. Along with the title, Daisy gave Dot a white, oversized labcoat that was used for the lip syncing competition that session, and is now a relic that will be passed down from leader to leader.

The cult later continued into session 2, with most of the members of the 17.2 cult returning. The cult also expanded with the addition of 11 members.

In Saratoga 19.1, the Lunch Table Cult expanded quite drastically. Including, but not limited to, moving out of the booth and inhabiting the long line of tables, traumatizing everybody around us, and passing down the lab coat to one more Leah Pascarelli. While there were some conflicts in this group, they bonded over topics like politics (to the point of irritation for some members), fandoms, and a wild group chat (that excluded Android users).Some featured games included the Battle for Polytopia. The MUN activity also proved to be incredibly popular with debates over such things as freedom for Greenland and the declaration of the sovereign state of Coldland branching into meals. The group proved to be incredibly loud, leading to further irritation of many college students still residing on campus ("This is a lunchroom!!"). There was seductive ice cream eating, no comment Sebastian knows what he's done.

There were many wonderful additions to the table: Yona, Duke, Georgia, Donzell, Sebastian, Alex, Isadora, Max, Lillian, Jason, Anna, Catrina, and Vincent. Returning members included: Natalie, Helen, Benji, Bam, Dot, Leah, and Liet.


The cult mainly centers around the ideas of the following:

1. Sitting at the same table everyday, and adding chairs and tables to accomodate more people if necessary

2. Having a place for people to sit at lunch (it is ALWAYS important to make sure everyone feels welcome and accepted)

3. The radical power of FRIENDSHIP

4. Not trusting the beavers

5. Ricardo (later dubbed Kanye by session 2)

6. Fandoms

7. Quality Ships

8. Many of the same ideas as CTY

9. Conspiring to kidnap other cult members is allowed, especially Joey Huang


This is a list of people who have joined the lunch cult. If you're in the cult and you don't see your name, please add it! The writer of this sentence is trying hard to remember everyone's names, but due to the amount of people in this group, it has proven to be a challenge.

  • Dorothy Zhou
  • Daisy Fernandez
  • Lara Madison
  • Sasha Kucher
  • Hudson Jakubowicz
  • Rhys Bloom
  • Joey Huang
  • Jack
  • Ashley Jakubowicz
  • Alice
  • Angie
  • Leah Pascarelli
  • Helen Cui
  • Bianca
  • Benjamin Rotko (Ben)
  • Bam
  • Deb
  • Natalie Jain (Nat)
  • Isadora Polish
  • Yona Levine
  • Donzell Brown (occasionally Tre)
  • Juliet Garon (Liet)
  • Julia
  • Lily
  • Jeffrey Condell
  • Nastia
  • Max
  • David
  • Jacob
  • Alex
  • Alex (Chaos Bean)
  • Alex (Angie's brother)
  • Bob
  • Joshua Winston
  • Sebastian Tolle
  • Maxwell (Max) [Emperor]
  • Jacob Casper
  • Duke Hogan-Murphy
  • Remy
  • Lillian Switkes
  • Jason Li
  • Stefan (Rave God)
  • Vincent
  • Anna
  • Catrina


Please put any special or random memories you have of the lunch cult in this section:

Joyride, Rot, Destiel, Larex, Rhysha(Still annoyed about that one), Nalex, Adriles, Milash, Slæh- Ships

Tower of Salt

That random group of girls behind us that I couldn't tell if they were amused or annoyed by us


Leaning tower of salt on the last day of 19.1

Nat the long-suffering dad

Vegan Bacon

Daddy's Eggs / Daddy's Meat

Chaos Bean

Sad boi hours