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Mandatory Fun is fun that is mandatory. On occasion, it is not fun; on other occasions, it is not mandatory.


Mandatory Fun is a slot of time on Friday (No longer happens), Saturday, or Sunday evenings between dinner and the dance (or Study Hall) in which the entire site gathers for a structured RA-made activity. Not uniformly fun or unfun, but never uninteresting. Mandatory Fun is listed as the "All-Site Activity" on the weekend schedule. The activities include the Quiz Bowl finals, Dutch Auctions, assorted game shows, the Lip-Sync Contest, or anything else the RAs feel like doing. Mandatory Fun has been known to occur in numerous places, including the blacktop outside the center of the Arches, the large porch in front of Schnader Hall, and Weis Field; if rained out, it is moved to the ASFC. Losing The Game is one of the best parts of Mandatory Fun.

Mandatory Fun has also been referred to mockingly by the RAs as Unavoidable Joy and Inescapable Bliss.

Note: Unfortunately, Mandatory Fun at Lancaster has not taken place for some time.

Update: Lancaster 17.2 Mandatory fun took place both weekends. Mandatory Fun was brought back this session because the Lancaster site got the worst scores for their weekends on their 16.2 feedback.

Lancaster 18.1 Mandatory fun during both Saturdays and Sundays. Most people disliked it.

Los Angeles

At Los Angeles (LMU), there is Non-Mandatory Fun instead of Mandatory Fun. This means that although it is mandatory to attend, it is not mandatory to have fun. However, in 07.2, Non-Mandatory fun was made into Mandatory Fun by the RAs as a joke. In 09.1, non-mandatory fun actually WAS mandatory.

Other Sites

At some other sites, Mandatory Fun refers to afternoon Activities.