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The Mancave

The Mancave is perhaps the single greatest thing that has ever befallen upon Princeton University. It is both righteous and berserk. It is both Heavenly, and Satan-like.

The Mancave was created during the first week in the summer of 2010 by Jeff Baird's hall. The founding members included Arthur the Sexy Russian, James Carino, Evan Accardi, Jhoh, Jimmyjames, and Henry Wang. Other members later joined (such as the Lax Bros).

No one other than the members of the Mancave truly know what went on in the Mancave. There may or may not have been multiple dudes sleeping shirtless on one mattress. There may or may not have been granny porn on one of the member's iPad.

There are many legends surrounding the Mancave. One such legend is that in the middle of the night, Jimmyjames would wake up, lick somebody's toe, and then go back to sleep.

There were countless pizza boxes everywhere. The members of the Mancave ordered only the Godliest of Pizzas - Papa Johns Cheese and Pepperoni.

In case you do not yet understand, the Mancave was more holy than a pope who just shot with an AK-47. The members of the Mancave were absolute daredevils as well. On the final night of glorious CTY, most members did not even sleep. A few members *cough*such as Arthur*cough* drank multiple Monster Energy Drinks, 5 hour energies, and caffeine pills, and as a result could not remember half the night the next day. DO NOT MESS WITH THESE GUYS.

One more thing must be mentioned about the Mancave. The members of the Mancave are all truly God-like in appearance. If one were to look straight at a naked Mancaver, one would go completely blind from the beauty of the Mancaver's body.

What has become of the Mancave now? It has begun to spread like a deadly virus. Not only will it be in Princeton in the summer of 2011 thanks to founding member Evan Accardi, but it will also spread to wherever Arthur the Sexy Russian RA's. It is becoming an indestructible force of Sexiness and Perfection. Men turn dark red with fury out of jealousy of the members of the Mancave. Women scream out of joy when they see members of the Mancave. The Mancave is, and always will be, all that is perfect in our world.


In 2013, Connor brought the slogan, "it's a dominance thing"; Love > dominance > bromance. The word dominance was later changed to "dominos."


  • 2017: Singing happy birthday to RA Peter every single day
  • 2017: Peter and Jeremy's hall singing everywhere they went
  • 2017: "Who's got my back?" chant, started by Nick Mori and shouted among his hall & his co-hall
  • 2017: Making fun of Czech people for not liking mint flavored things -- it doesn't taste like toothpaste!!
  • 2017: Mint flavored Oreos and golden Oreos, and Half/Half Arizona
  • 2017: Michael's whipping