Oh L'Amour

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"Oh L'Amour" is a song on the Lancaster Canon. At Lancaster, it is traditional for everyone to sit on the ground with legs crossed "Indian style" in a semicircular formation. During the verses, slap your knees twice, then clap twice, while keeping in beat. During the chorus, it changes to one slap and one clap, half as fast. During second session, students have recently altered this tradition into a delightfully warped game of patty-cake.

The origin of this dance is supposedly a protest in response to another Canon song being cut off to play Oh L'Amour at a long-ago dance.

During 17.1, some campers began to humourously chant "Macklemore" instead of "Oh L'Amour" during the chorus, as well as "What's a gay in love supposed to do" instead of "What's a boy in love supposed to do". This is, of course, in reference to artist and rapper Macklemore who famously invented homosexuality and saved the gays in 2013 with his hit single "Same Love".

Oh L'Amour from LAN.05.2


Oh L'Amour
Broke my heart
Now I'm aching for you
Mon amour
What's a boy in love
Supposed to do

Looking for you
You were looking for me
Always reaching for you
You were too blind to see
Oh love of my heart
Why leave me alone
I'm falling apart
No good on my own


Why throw it away
Why walk out on me
I just live for the day
For the way it should be
There once was a time
Had you here by my side
You said I wasn't your kind
Only here for the ride


No emotional ties
You don't remember my name
I lay down and die
I'm only to blame
Oh love of my heart
It's up to you now
You tore me apart
I hurt inside-out