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Jump to navigation Jump to search a frisbee almost essential. a pack of cards equally as, if not more, essential. ...are the most common card games played Hearts, B.S., Spades, Palace, Mao, Spit, Egyptian Ratscrew, Chinese Poker, and Presidents. people dress in their wackiest clothes because no one will make fun of them for it. ...are people lightly scorned for being athletic. there one class for seven hours a day. people form lifelong friendships during the course of three weeks. gambling mildly promoted at Casino Night. guys participate in Fairy Princess Day. people cuddle like there's no tomorrow. ...are girls jealous of guys' boobs. people rave shamelessly. ...can entire works of Douglas Adams be recited from memory. people become avid Rocky Horror, They Might Be Giants, and R.E.M. fans. lanyard collectors get their roots.