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Here are other people's CTY websites. Prune these, sort these, organize these, add to these, enjoy these.

semi-official page by Mathew Belmont, a CTY student since way back when and a staff member for years and years. A good mailing list, and a bit about the decline of CTY.

Mattababy Scholarship apparently gives money to help people go to CTY. This is a page for those who have gone to CTY on the scholarship.

construction, but pretty cool. Will eventually have card games, traditions, people, and all sorts of other cool things. Lancaster based.

Music, photos, and so forth. From Saratoga. I'm sorry, Kevin. It's late, and I'm too tired to write a good description of your page.

  • Jill's CTY Site-An Essay. From Saratoga and Carlisle.
  • Kate's CTY Page- A page for a 99-2000 CTY Saratoga girl with pictures and memories.
  • CTY Photos- From Saratoga 1999 session 1.
  • Alex Fong's CTY Page-Pictures and quotes. Also plays Pie. From Clinton.
  • Beth's CTY Page-Essays, memories, and other cool things from a Clinton CTYer.
  • Caroline's CTY Page-Ramblings from Clinton. Says nice things about the old Real CTY. :-)
  • CTY 2000 -A Flashy site from Hamilton, with pictures and such.
  • Beth's CTY Page- Stuff from Hamilton 1995 and 1996. Pretty empty.
  • CTY!- CLN 1994 and 1995... pictures, stories, commandments, dances, and so forth.
  • CTY Site- Some memories from a 2002 nomore year, and a canon list. Hamilton/Union/Seina
  • CTY Delinquents- A well laid out page with pictures and various cool info, Siena, I think.
  • CTY LMU MSN- MSN Group for LMU CTY site.... typically, I don't include this sort of thing (groups and lists) but since I have so few LMU sites, I figured I

would throw it in.