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This is a documentation of all quotes in the Lancaster quotebooks. For information about the position, go to the Other Lancaster Positions page.

Session 1

08.1: Zoe M.

09.1: Zoe M.

10.1: Marnie P.

11.1: Ajay Nadig

12.1: Johnny Tamburro

13.1: Amy Du

14.1: Daniel Rock

15.1: Victoria Zhou

16.1: Eleanor Franklin

17.1: Mackie Wainstein

18.1: Naomi Abramowicz

19.1: Grace Chen

"Grandpa Joe deserves the guillotine" - Annabelle

“Let’s do guided medication” - Deej Cunniffe, misreading the guided meditation activity

“Let’s cut back on the orgies....... chants” - Site director Tony Lilly (Big Man Tony)

"Charlie is the weird kid who sits in a corner and eats DIRT" - Allison Mak, with love

Session 2

09.2: Marnie P.

10.2: Tess Harty

11.2: Marnie P.

12.2: Maria Shea

13.2: Lydia Bobbitt

14.2: Diana Halikias

15.2: Sam Mauro

16.2: Ashley Wells

17.2: Vijay Subramanian

18.2: Lauren Raziano

19.2 Camille Gonzalez