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This is a space in which to discuss unofficial CTY Alumni Associations. The reasons for such an entity are described within the userpage of the site owner.

Previous discussion and various old ideas have been moved to RealCTY:Alumni Association/archive.

The Existing Community

  • RealCTY, the CTY wiki
  • Post-CTY Depression, the CTY forum. If you click on it, it will say the domain is currently on sale.
    • Project Future, a listing of CTY students for the following year, along with their sites, sessions, and courses
    • Forevermore, a CTY magazine in the early stages of development
  • MyCTY, the CTY program's official Alumni Association
  •, CTY's academic resource for current CTY participants

Social Networking Sites




Based on contact list information, CTYers use MySpace, Xanga, and other sites less often; furthermore, LJ and FB are particularly conducive to group organization.