Rich Schellhas

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Rich Schellhas was the site director of Lancaster during sessions 00.1, 00.2, 01.2, 02.1 and 02.2. Probably the most beloved site director since Papa Jack, Rich is most often associated with Haribo gummi bears. Known for having a system of positive reinforcement in which CTY staff or students could put a slip of paper in his box describing a praiseworthy act, Rich would then send that CTYer a small package of Haribo gummi bears with a message like "You're doing a great job."

Rich Schellhas was appreciated by CTYers for his seemingly boundless energy, his good cheer, and the respect with which he treated the staff and students. "Chat with Rich" was a well-attended activity in which students could bring up concerns or suggestions. Rich was also known occasionally to wear a bathrobe on Thursdays.

There has occasionally been confusion between Rich Schellhas and Rich Groff; usually, this occurs when Lancastrians of different eras converse.

Rich used to be a High School Principal at an all-boys school in Baltimore, MD where he taught several CTYers such as Wii and Firefly. As of July 2009, he is a headmaster at a school near Philadelphia, PA.