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List of Sites:

  • CTY in the Type column means CTY: Intensive Studies (Regular CTY)
  • YS: Young Students, better known as Baby CTY
  • CAA: Academic Explorations
  • Special sites are for students who are too old for (Regular) CTY. Slowly becoming more popular. (See the Lexicon for more details).

Current Sites

Location Code School Type Opened Notes
Lancaster, PA LAN Franklin & Marshall College CTY 1982 The largest and longest-running CTY site
Baltimore, MD (JHU) JHU Johns Hopkins University CTY 1991* Closest site to CTY's main office, often visited by bigwigs. Switched to grades 9-12 only in 2022.
Los Angeles, CA LOS Loyola Marymount University CTY, YS 1992 YS added in 1990s
Bristol, RI BRI Roger Williams University CAA, YS 2001 YS added in 2014
Collegeville, PA CGV Ursinus College YS 2018
Santa Cruz, CA SCZ UC Santa Cruz CAA 1998
Baltimore, MD (GIL) GIL Gilman School YS 2018 Replaces Brooklandville.
New York, NY SPE The Speyer Legacy School YS 2014 Switched hands from The Dwight School before Speyer had it permanently in 2017.
Dublin, Ireland CTYI Dublin City University International 1992 CTYI, CAT, and Summer Scholars (sibling program to CTY)

Defunct Sites

Location Code School Type Closed Notes
Amherst, MA AMH Hampshire College CTY, YS 2013 The Language Immersion program was formerly held at Amherst until its closure in 2008 and moved to Great Barrington.
Bethlehem, PA BTH Moravian College CAA, YS 2012 Lady Gaga attended
Chestertown, MD CHS Washington College CAA, YS 2017 CAA: from 1998-2000 YS: from 1996-2017
Claremont, CA CLA Scripps College CTY 1989
Clinton, NY CLN Hamilton College CTY 2000
Thousand Oaks, CA CAL California Lutheran University CAA, YS 2012 CAA added in 2006
New London, CT NLD Connecticut College YS 1998
Kaneohe, HI KNE Hawaii Pacific University CTY, CAA 2010
Loudonville, NY LOU Siena College CTY, YS 2008
Madrid, Spain MAD Universidad Francisco de Vitoria International 2009
Monterrey, Mexico TEC Technologico de Monterrey International 2010
Nanjing, China CHI Hopkins-Nanjing Center International 2010
Owings Mills, MD OMS Garrison Forest School YS 2007 Replaced by Brooklandville in 2008.
Puebla, Mexico MEX Universidad de las Americas International 2008
Redlands, CA RED University of Redlands CTY 1991
San Francisco, CA SFU San Francisco State University Special 2009 Civic Leadership Institute, West Coast. Moved to Berkeley, CA in 2010
South Hadley, MA SHD Mount Holyoke College YS 2013 YS program to be assimilated into Bristol, an OS CAA site in Rhode Island.
Schenectady, NY UNI Union College CTY 2001 It only lasted the one year, but did have a great student turn out of about 600 kids in total (about 300 each session)
St. Mary's, MD STM St. Mary's College of Maryland CTY 2005 The first CTY site 1980-1981, then reopened later.
Frederick, MD FRK Hood College CAA 2002 Replaced by EST in 2003
Pasadena, CA MTA Maranatha High School YS 2014 The site was closed and moved to San Mateo
Tempe, AZ ASU Arizona State University CTY, CAA 2005 CAA was changed over to the then-running Thousand Oaks. Previously had CTY from 1984-87.
Bethesda, MD BDA Georgetown Preparatory School YS 2005 Sadly, this site closed just after one session of CTY
Great Barrington, MA GBR Bard's College at Simon's Rock Language Immersion, Special 2010 This ended the immersion program from the Middlebury-Monterrey Language Academy (MMLA)
Malibu, CA MBU Pepperdine University YS 2002
England NAGTY University of Warwick International 2007 NAGTY has since been converted to a social network for gifted students the International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY)
Los Angeles (Windward), CA WIN The Windward School YS 2016 Former location of this site was the Mirman School
Palo Alto, CA PAL Stanford University YS 2016 Palo Alto has been replaced by Santa Monica.
Fresno, CA FRS California State University - Fresno CAA 1996 Original Site of CAA along with Towson.
Pasadena, CA PSD California Institute of Technology CAA 1997
Alexandria, VA ALX Episcopal High School YS 1999
Towson, MD TOW Goucher College CTY 2000 Original Site of CAA along with Fresno.
Columbia, MD COL Johns Hopkins University Columbia Center YS 1989 One of the first young students sites as it was a commuter and those began in 1986.
Geneva, SUI GVA Collège du Léman Special 1992 Early International Site, as the program was not wide ranging yet.
Norton, MA NOR Wheaton College CTY 1990
Oakland, CA MIL Mills College CTY 1985
Gaithersburg, MD SHG Shady Grove Elementary School YS 1990
Pikesville, MD TAL Talmudical Academy YS 1989
Washington, D.C. AIS School of Advanced International Studies CTY 1985 A Commuter site from 1984-1985 to accommodate students during the school year.
Glen Rock, NJ GRC Glen Rock Community School YS 1985
Brooklandville, MD STP St Pauls School YS 2017 Replaced by Baltimore (Gilman)
Santa Monica, CA NRS New Roads School at the Herb Alpert Educational Village YS 2017
Easton, PA EST Lafayette College CAA, YS 2018 CAA 2003-2018 YS: 2013-2017, Replaced by Allentown
Venice, CA MSA Magnolia Science Academy YS 2018 Replaced by Stamford
Portola Valley, CA WDS Woodland School YS 2018 Replaced by San Mateo
Pylaia, Greece GRE Anatolia College International 2019
Fort Worth Texas Christian University CTY, CAA 2023 only ran for 22.1
Baltimore MSC Notre Dame of Maryland University
Haverford HAV Haverford College CTY, CAA 2023
Allentown ATN Muhlenberg College CTY, CAA 2020
Alexandria ALE St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School YS
La Jolla LAJ La Jolla Country Day School YS
Sandy Spring SAN Sandy Spring Friends School YS 2020 (?)
San Mateo NUE The Nueva School YS 2020(?)
San Rafael SRF Dominican University CTY and CAA, then YS 2020(?) notes
Stamford SFD Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Stamford YS (?) 2020(?)
West Los Angeles WLA The Mirman School YS 2020(?)
Dallas The Hockaday School YS 2022 only ran for 22.1
Calabasas Viewpoint School YS 2023
Hong Kong HKU Hong Kong University 2020
Berkeley BRK UC Berkeley CTY-CLI
Princeton PRN Princeton University CTY 2023(?) notes

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