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This page is a record of well-known, beloved, and/or despised staff from EST and the many stories collected about them.

Residential Staff


Thaddeus was the Residential Dean at Easton and Fredrick for many years. He had been an SRA before that. He did not return to Easton in 2005, after being there for two years, because he was working on his dissertation to become Dr. Thaddeus. His current whereabouts are unknown.

According to returning RA Jeff Murphy, Thaddeus unfortunately did not succeed in his doctorate... yet. He is, however, teaching in the Religion and Philosophy department at High Point University in High Point, NC.

He has a FLAAR card named after him.

Dane Barnett

Dane Barnett, a.k.a the player, was the biggest player at CTY EST 2011. He has so many girls but no one can figure out which one it is!!

Matt Weber

One of the 3 creators of FLAAR and would run Star Wars Galactic Senate at least once person session (2003-2005).

Jeff Murphy

Another creator of FLAAR; always run odd activities (2003-2005, 2007, 2009).

Juliet Mohnkern

Another RA who ran great activities; in 2005 she would sing the phrase "DON'T SWING YOUR LANYARD" (2004-2005).

Gabe Ulman

For Robot Sock-Wars Tournaments (2006) and being the RA to organize Passionfruit 06.2.


Had purple hair…and redyed it (GREEN) partway through the session


Commemorated here for being loved so intensely by the guys AND girls. And also for being such an appealing piece of eye candy.

Owen A. Reynolds

He sang The Longest Time by Billy Joel in an amazing duet with Dustin for the 08 talent shows, as well as showing his musical skills with voice and guitar in a variety of other ways. He also sang the AMAZING "GaGa Unplugged" medley with Raughley in 10.2.

Dan "Danjo" W.

Commemorated for playing the banjo.

Jenna McNally

Commemorated for PandaFest, and being the most understanding RA to ever work at CTY Easton.

Alex Shephard

Commemorated here for the same reasons as Dustin. And also for running awesome activities with Jeff Murphy and Stuart during 09.2. Known for wearing white V-neck shirts and his lanyard backwards. Enjoyed squirrel-watching.

Raughley Nuzzi

Commemorated here for general awesomeness. It would take too long to expalin everything, that's how awesome he is. Raughley has since gone on to serve as DRL and Site Director at several sites including JHU.

Spencer Knoll

Played Casino owner and cafe owner, Moneybags. Was there for three years and went to Easton as a student too. (runs How to be Awkward activity). Several years as an RA before serving as SRA. Frequently ran Braveheart and teamed with Steve to produce French and Canadian Bravehearts.

Aaron, Justin, Jeremy

The three inseparable RAs; Aaron and Justin are brothers and Jeremy was their cousin. Whatever one did the other two copied, including rules. Especially known for being extremely attractive and therefore being stalked by many swooning girls.<on the last night of 12.2 during an extended lights out two RA's told a hall that the "triplets" were all married and had this whole big story to go along with how they were in their late 20's and early 30's. girls were screaming and almost in tears over this just to be informed once they got home via facebook that the stories were false>

Matt Holmes

Known for being Papa Holmes by his 15.1 Quad Squad Hall. Widely loved by Andrian, Kieran, Josh, Max, Jackson, Brian, Jesus, Andrew, Dario, Juan, Johnny, Daniel, Bryce. Sang "Latch" at the 15.1 talent show with Sayre Posey as violinist. A great beatboxer and tenor singer, and lovable RA. Also an avid lover of death metal music, but a gentleman at heart. THIR-TEEN, SQUAD. Former SRA (14.1 and 14.2).

Thomas James Gillett

Known for being a strict RA, who could "Drop the HAMMAH!" on anyone. When several CAAmpers ran out of their rooms to make Ramen on the last night, Thomas stopped them, saying "What on God's Green Earth are you doing?". Thomas has a fantastic sense of humer, and a great voice. He sang "Breakable" at the 13.2 Talent Show. He also pioneered "Half Casual" Friday, where he wore basketball shorts with high socks and dress shoes, and a button down shirt.

Carter Moulton

He wrote a freaking opera in TWO WEEKS for the CTY Talent Show!

Rebecca Comella

Known for the phrase 'strugglebus'. Sang an original song at the talent show. Returned in 14.1

John Guido

Known for being a past CTY camper and his frequent use of the words "Swag" and/or "Boss". One of the most well-known and liked. Very charismatic and all his activities were hilarious. John continued the precedent of "Half Casual" Friday, after Thomas James Gillett. John pioneered "Eunice" (See Easton 14.2 for details on Eunice). He was known for daring basically anyone to do the "Moby" challenge. Was the SRA in 16.1 and 16.2. Confirmed that he is leaving CTY forever. When camper Austin Szatrowski bragged about having 13 people in his room after lights out (at approx. 3:00am) on a group chat he forgot John was on, John replied with, "Dang. 13 people in one room that's boss" John, you will be forever missed. -austinszat 17:06, 30 August 2016 (EDT)

Alex DeWeese

Co-RA with John Guido in the McKeen basement during 14.2. An a cappella singer who sang and played piano with SRA Matt Holmes, RA Rebecca Comella, and Sayre Posey (violin) for a cover of "Say Something" during the 14.2 talent show. Blasted a lot of music during quad time on a speaker. Was our DJ for dances. Returned to Easton in 16.1, but departed for Haverford for 16.2. Along with Olabade and Ryan, frequently blasted and danced to Sweatshirt in 16.1. Ran Swashbuckler in 16.1 with a ridiculous pirate hat. Had students attempt (and usually fail) the Moby Pushup Challenge during Quad Time in 16.1.

Diane Um

Known as the USC student who every Asian male at 14.2 crushed over, Diane "Dayum" Um rap battled the "Recrapper" (CAAmper Alan) at the last dance, using modern and pre-21'st century rhyme schemes to defeat her opponent.

Charles An

Former camper at Easton and perennial RA. Always starts out as the biggest hardass but eventually becomes one of the cooler and lax RAs. Only one to complete the moby push up challenge, a feat rivaled only by the 12 labors of Hercules. Returned in 15.2 after abandoning Easton for Haverford. If you get to know him, he will impact your life become a part of your family forever. Many have attempted such a feat and it is said that only one has succeeded. No longer the only completer of the Moby Pushup Challenge. Omar Kenawy, Oscar Moreno and Nick I-Heng Tan all completed it in 16.1. He brought his dog during week 3 of 17.2 to an activity.

Allan "Nallan" Hall

Nickname "Nallan" given by RA John Guido to a camper became quickly popular. Known for not having hall meetings, instead informing his campers throughout the day. Probably the most laid back RA and person to ever exist, he would often give campers much more independence than advised. Won the Allen vs Nallan challenge in 14.2 by hula hooping like a champion. He was also really into LoL and Clash of Clans. 17.2 was his last year. His hall from 16.2 will always remember:

  Ryan Burns: "Would you care if we did a 6-person ISO in Austin and Matthew's room tonight?"
  Allan: "hmm, not really."

His philosophy is one of the greatest things I've ever heard:

  "Many of you are coming from environments where you're expected to play a particular role. Depending on what that is and the level of support you have, that can be very stressful. 
  Particularly true for "gifted" kids because lots of parents (mine included) have really high expectations."

Sayre Posey

Nickname "Sayre". Spotted often at the track, either running, jogging, sprinting, bear crawling, butterflying, swimming, bicycling, hiking, traversing the great plains, etc. She was a dope DJ at basically every dance. She's also probably the dopest violinist CTY has ever seen #violin #throwbackthursday #mozart SRA 15.1 and 15.2. Bristol DRL 16.1/16.2, then Easton DRL 17.1/2.

Patrick Flanagan

Nickname Patty. Known for awesome breakdancing and breaking rules while being chased in ghost hunting, including going on South College.

Patty Gea

Patty, or Patricia. She was an absolute fairy, was an amazing dancer, and is one of the best RAs. Often had dance wars with Patrick and the two together were called "Pat-Pat".

Olabade Omole

For having the hall that made no sense, was loud, and always late. Often played a Pentatonix remix, in addition to copious amounts of EDEN, before lights out and known for phrases such as "What is this tomfoolery?" and "Keep crying." If the chant "when I say Ola you say Bade" was heard, she was probably close at hand. Advocate for the blasting of 'Sweatshirt' in 16.1.

Timothy Wong

Timothy Wong, aka. Tim Wong. Had a great dance routine and always was happy. Will be back for more sessions. His hall likes to chant "I say Tim, you say Wong,". Was always really loud and could be heard from the other side of the Farinon quad. The phrase "Tim/Tim's walking/Tim's dancing gives me life" was often used when describing him. Famous during 16.1 for saying 'Oh shoot! Um..b word, n word.....' in the 'Awkward Lyric Reading' competition ("Panda") in Swashbuckler. Needless to say, he won Swashbuckler for his team that session. In 16.2, he attempted read "Trap Queen" for ALR but lost to Allan because, according to SRA John, he "did what everyone expected him to do." Famous for dancing to the Pokemon Theme during Swash and at dances in 16.1 and 16.2. A total beast at ERS.

Marvin Crawford

Awesome, role model to many. He liked music and art. Hope he doesn't get lotion in his hair tho. #CTYEASTON2k15

Allison Mullin

The Broadway superstar of CTY Easton. She had an amazing voice and did a duet with YS RA Miles singing 'A Whole New World' in the Talent Show. Was respected and loved by many campers. Ran HamJam with Alice in 16.1.

Rachel Hess

Notably 'almost got a concussion' when camper Ben Davidov shoved a pie in her face post carnival. She was also the crush of many boys in 16.1.

Ryan Judge

Ryan was one of the most famed RAs in 16.1. Hall members would chant 'RYAN! RYAN! RYAN!' continuously as they followed him. Ran improv activities as well. Much like RA Jim, loved Gordon Ramsay.

James "Jim" "J-Savage" Daniel

More known as RA Jim, famed at 16.1. Pied in the face during the carnival by camper Guido Secchiaroli, and also ran improv with RA Ryan and was an avid fan of Gordon Ramsay. After one of the campers on his hall was unfairly berated by the infamous HEATHER in 16.1, he told him "you don't have to give a crap about her." His hall then referred to him as "J-Savage." "Jim, we get it. You go to Yale." -Nicole Hom [1]

Elvera Santos

"Guys, let's stop talking about how popping our lipgloss is." Duckling leader in 16.1. We love you! Worked in South College office for 17.2.

Shay Helsinki

RA in 16.2, RA'ed in Princeton before that. Devout CTY lover, and CTYer herself, she is known for staying close to all and being active on CTY social media. :)

Liza Wolf

Famed in 17.1 for constantly being mistaken as a student, allowing 2 week long ISOs, and being rather chill and lenient all around. Never noticed that many of her kids in 17.1 consistently took 3 am showers. For some reason, reportedly doesn't like Tunak Tunak Tun even though it is a fantastic canon song. Her 17.1 halls count off was the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Belair (Well this is a story, all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down). There's an article she co-wrote on Spoon University about her eating pizza for 5 days straight. Returned for 18.1/2.


DRL in 16.1 and 16.2. Universally hated by students and RAs alike. According to SRA John Guido himself, she is one of the huge reasons he will never return to CTY again. See Hall of Shame.

Shaheem "Royal" Irving

RA in 17.1, famed by being best dressed RA, singing and dancing but also infamous for making His hall's lights out 9:30pm as well as another hall's light out at 9:15pm. He was pretty lit until you didn't follow directions. On his day off his put together a Birthday party for one kid in his hall.

Gail Fletcher

RA in 17.1, 17.2, known for having the laziest hall on campus. She allowed them to take the elevator everyday, and overall didn't really care about anything until it got dangerous. Her hall in 17.1 was also known for their terrible countoff, messing up everytime.

Bobby Woody

RA in 17.1/2. His hall found his SoundCloud and it became widely known around campus. Always got in the middle of the biggest circle at all the dances.

Octavia Fitzmaurice

RA in 17.1/2, returned for 18.1/2. One of the first RAs to actually go to JHU.

Notable Staff/TAs

Swagmaster Steve

YS Writing TA. Steve was an Easton RA for four years (07.1/07.2, 08.1, 09.1, 12.1/12.2). Eventually he became YS WRIT TA with Gregg Murray in 13.1, 14.1/14.2, and 15.1/15.2. He was known for his talent show performances where he took song lyrics from that summer's popular songs and turned them into a spoken word performance.

Chanel Grider

Probably the best TA and friend to ever exist. CiCi. Chananay is a nickname not favored. Avid Nicki Minaj fan and always wearing an anklet with little bells on it and often a beanie. When you hear the anklet you know shes close. 15.1-15.2 PSYC.A class called "squadlings" by her. And she can dance. And step. Very well. Apparently knows a single finger tutting sequence but would never show it to us. Previous CTYer. Graduated college at 18 years old. 18! Dominates (or attempts to) in four square. Fangirl of Steven Universe <3 CICI WE LOVE YOU.

Dashana Lane

Dashana was the TA for Psyc-A in 16.1/2. Known for being amazingly late during handoff and known for taking 'a longer route to class' to take her kids to Scott Hall, which was also a Pokéstop in Pokémon Go. She always handed out packets and played a lot of music to our request in night class.


The instructor for ILOG in 15.2 and 16.2. Widely known for getting mad at students for not wearing their lanyards. He has been known to sit a few feet away from the entrance to Upper Farinon Dining Hall, and get mad at students who don't immediately put their lanyards back on after getting swiped in. He has also been known to walk by foursquare games at tell students to wear their lanyards in the front by saying, "Wear your lanyard straight. It's not a backpack." At the final dance of 16.2, he signed students' lanyards. According to Memories for 15.2, a group of students found his eHarmony profile and "flirted with him because he was a bumhole who disrespected [them]."

Jeffrey Grenyo

TA Jeffrey Grenyo worked with CTY for three years, on the Foundations of Programming course. It was announced with much regret that Jeffrey had passed away on 26 July 2017. RIP Jeffrey, we CTY you so much, and you will always be part of our family at Easton. <3