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Wah! I'm in the picture under the Digi link. Scary! I think I have that picture somewhere. Scarier! -Aurora 14:48, 12 Nov 2004 (CST)

The ones who didnt like george (see 95/2) were in the MINORITY. The only problem most people had with it was the last bit about paying. however according to georgie he payed for cty himslef.

Hey from Tom Ryan (RA, CTY LMU 02, 03, 04, 05)

Mary Reig and I were speaking the other day and she said her friend happened upon this when she googled Mary's name. And I passed it onto the rest of the Borings and we voted it as the most flattering thing on the web. It made me smile and made my evening.

~Tom Ryan III (RA, CTY LMU 02, 03, 04, 05~ 1st and 2nd sessions) I the only person who contributed something from Baltimore on the entire wiki?

       *I think I put something from Baltimore...somewhere...

Regarding: '...or just trying to look cool by becoming a legend will have their entries deleted or if stupid enough, moved to the hall of shame.'

The list of noteworthy Carlislians that I started did not include me. I could probably make a pretty good case for it to do so, but I'm not narcissistic enough to add myself to such a list. Gary Noritz is already mentioned in the Hall of Fame; Bret Kramer and Galen White have been associated with Carlisle for more than a decade, and for too many reasons to list, deserve mention.

Given that this is supposed to be a wiki, it might be more appropriate to ask about such things on the discussions pages before preemptively deleting articles, even should they be unfinished.


This is Memoriesonfilm, local admin. I deleted the page for several reasons. Firstly, for famous staffers, there is now a page called Staff where you can list, well, famous staffers. Since the student body changes each year, they can be placed in the Halls of Fame; however, if they are staff now, put them there instead. Where you place people depends on when they've been famous; if a student started a traditions, put them in the hall. If a former student became important as a staffer, put them on the staff page.

I'm a Lancasterian, and we've got a lot of well-known students due to our Alcove, and our extreme number of passed-down positions, and many of us have individual pages because there are way too many people to put in the Hall of Fame. Students, however, who started traditions, should be placed in the Hall of the correct site.

UPDATE: Give staff their own pages as "Staff:staffname"

Is it just me, or are there an awful lot of entries within the last couple years? I'm not sure what "Hall of Fame" standards are, but it seems a little premature to label something HoF-worthy or a tradition if any or all of the following apply:

a) In the case of a tradition, it hasn't lasted for 3+ years yet(considering that each generation of CTYers passes through in 4 years). Heck, some things might not even last past '06. In the case of a one-time event, it might not draw instant recognition from much of campus next year or the year after.

b) It was a phenomenon largely confined to only one hall or one class in one year.

Just a thought. I'm not sure whether you're really looking at "fame" or just a "Hall of Memories" kind of thing.



Memoriesonfilm (Max) again. Firstly, the Hall of Fame has been on the RealCTY site for a long time; therefore, everything that is ancient history should stay, as few of the current frequenters of the site would have firsthand knowledge of these occurances.

Secondly, it is not true that CTYers pass through every 4 years; we also have 5-year freaks, as well as the rare full older students 6-year psycho, along with the 3-years, the 2-year tragedies, and the one hit wonders. A tradition that is fairly widely recognized even for just two years is quite important.

I agree, though, that things that correspond to only one hall should not be included in the hall. However, an interesting occurance that occured during even just one year that was fairly widespread (the Sexapussy, as an example) could be placed in the hall.

Basically, just use your own judgment. Look through the stuff of your favored site, and see if there's anything that doesn't seem appropriately placed, and then suggest here whether or not it should be taken it off. As a full-fledged Lancasterian, I'm only concerned about my site's going-ons, so I won't really commentate on other things; however, don't remove whole sections unless you're familiar with it, and know that it doesn't belong in the hall.