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* The Fifth Doctor, [[User:Chlo.han|Chloe Hanson]] (2017.2)
* The Fifth Doctor, [[User:Chlo.han|Chloe Hanson]] (2017.2)
* The Sixth Doctor, [[User:H double J|Hudson Jakubowicz]] (2018.2)
* The Sixth Doctor, [[User:H double J|Hudson Jakubowicz]] (2018.2)
* The Seventh Doctor, Alex Zhong (2019.2)
* The Seventh Doctor, Daisy Fernandez  (2019.2)
* The Eighth Doctor, Milo Kron (2020.2)
* The Eighth Doctor, Milo Kron (2020.2)

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“He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful.” - Tim Latimer, Human Nature (Season 3, Episode 8 of Doctor Who)

The Doctor is a position exclusive to Saratoga Springs that was initiated in 2013.2 by Cathy Nie, who built the first TARDIS as a way to celebrate Uber-Expressive Nerd/Fandom Day and spread inspirational messages campuswide. It became an official position at SAR in 2014, between the summers of 2014 and 2015. The title is based on the popular Doctor Who sci-fi series. Each year, a new, regenerated Doctor [and his/her companion] will build a TARDIS for Nerd/Fandom Day on the second Monday of Session 2. Traditionally, the Doctor writes an inspirational message inside the TARDIS and places the TARDIS in a corner outside the cafeteria (Murray Dining Hall) so that fellow CTYers can write their own inspirational messages inside the TARDIS and take pictures with it. The current Doctor ceremoniously passes on the title to a dedicated Onemore during Passionfruit. Sadly, as of 17.2, the Doctor has not been a ginger yet. As of the end of 2020.2, It is mandatory for the Doctor to select a companion.

Each TARDIS-building process is documented here, in Saratoga's Hall of Fame.


  • The First Doctor, Cathy Nie (2013.2)
  • The Second Doctor, Emilia Nobrega (2014.2)
  • The Third Doctor, Daniel Mitrano (2015.2)
  • The Fourth Doctor, Celine Khoo (2016.2)
  • The Fifth Doctor, Chloe Hanson (2017.2)
  • The Sixth Doctor, Hudson Jakubowicz (2018.2)
  • The Seventh Doctor, Daisy Fernandez (2019.2)
  • The Eighth Doctor, Milo Kron (2020.2)