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Turkey Hill is a marvelous convenience store located near Weis Field of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Essentially the central Pennsylvania equivalent of 7/11, it sells a variety of good and good-for-you foods such as barbecue flavored potato chips, jerky, ramen (which is sold, however, in Cup Noodle form, which contains peanuts) and most importantly, Turkey Hill Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade (also known as Magical Lemonade or Orgasm Juice). Trips are scheduled to visit this establishment once or twice a week, and RAs are in charge of scheduling these trips.

Turkey Hill is sometimes known as Harvest Goose, Chicken Mountain, or Jerky Hill, but not often.

Each hall usually goes twice a session, during Quad Time unless awarded another trip (e.g., for winning Mandatory Fun) or losing the privilege through misdemeanor. Some halls also go to Turkey Hill during their Hall Bonding on the weekends. Turkey Hill trips used to be unscheduled and uncoordinated; each RA would decide when to bring their hall. This changed after an infamous "perfect storm" in '98 when nearly half the RAs on campus decided to take their halls to Turkey Hill during quad time one night. The result was a chaotic scene where well over 200 students were either inside or standing in the parking lot of Turkey Hill. Additionally, many halls did not get back to their dorms by 9:45. To prevent this from happening again, the RAs drew up a Turkey Hill schedule. More recently, when Turkey Hill becomes overcrowded, some RAs take their students to Tom's, a nearby gas station.

Turkey Hill is also part of the callbacks of American Pie, during dances. After the line "I went down to the sacred store," it is traditional to call back, "TURKEY HILL!", thus establishing that Turkey Hill is a sacred store.

The manager of said store (#79) has worked there for 25 years and has seen many a CTY student return years later. These include a NASA scientist, Texas congressman, and an NYU professor.

Currently, it is here where the Passionfruit drinks are purchased.

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