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Full Name

Ashok Kasi Bhaskar

What to call me

Ashok. Simple as.

Classes I've Taken


About me

I'm currently out of "regular" CTY (a.k.a. student at a non-Princeton site), as 2006.02 was my nomore year and I'm not (five-year) freakish. I'm one of the few people I know to have attended Lancaster second session for four straight years (I was there for the old cafeteria before the ASFC deal), but I've remained somewhat on the sidelines of the traditional stuff until my last year (which I kinda regret, as it's really fun).

I've written and edited a number of pages on RealCTY, especially many of the Acting Improv games.

Some of my "accomplishments" and memorable moments from CTY include waking up my roomate at 3:10 AM (deliberately) as a test of Game Theory, witnessing the burning of a sock in the microwave, being forced to fiercely hug a tree that had poison ivy on it, feeling "naked" when I accidentally walked out of my dorm without my Blammo spoon, convincing Max Wang to toss his blammo spoon into the air and blammoing him, making a floating balloon Sexapus, being the brunt of an AI joke, sneaking into the Ice Cream Party without actually winning anything, and being poked in the eye and yelling loudly during the quiet part of "Blister in the Sun".

I juggle (non-ball objects), fence, and play guitar in my spare (non-CTY) time.


Feel free to add.