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Hi I'm Duncan and I am a Five-Year Freak. I've been at the LOS site for all 5 years of CTY, including 1 year of Baby CTY. I taught a few people poi in my nevermore year (even though quite frankly, I'm pretty bad). I might return to CTY during 19.2 in Berkeley CLI but, only time can tell (or how occupied I might be during that time because college!). My hall dubbed me as "Dunks the Veteran" in 17.2. I was the one who made the huge paper crane during KBBQ in 16.2.

  • Classes I have taken:
    • Introduction to Robotics (IROB-B) - 13.2 Sean's Hall (Baby CTY year) Sullivan Hall
    • Fast-Paced High School Biology (BIOL-A) - 14.2 Alex S's Hall Rosecrans 2nd Floor
    • Fast-Paced High School Chemistry (CHEM-A) - 15.2 David S's Hall Doheny 1st Floor
    • Cryptology (CODE-B) - 16.2 Luis A's Hall (the one that did Starbucks Odyssey/won Casino Night) *we won because he helped us cheat* Rosecrans 1st Floor
    • Fast-Paced High School Physics/ (PHYW) where did the w come from? - 17.2 Seth C's Hall (COOK SETH, COOK SETH, COOK SETH) Rosecrans 3rd Floor

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