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If you were in schnader 2 north room 212 any time after 07.1 I am truly sorry; I spilled my gazpacho in your air conditioner and the whole room has smelled of mold ever since. (SORRY EV and ev's roommate)

I am lacking inspiration and the Rachel-monster is decidedly unhelpful. She is awesome. There were a bunch of other Elenas in 08 but I was the only one who was the Rachel-monster's favorite person. I like magic lemonade a ridiculous amount. I had the best roommate ever in 08.1 and I am ridiculously obsessed with something that shall remain nameless.

King in American Pie - 08.1 09.1
Holder of the Thorny Crown - 09.1 (this position is now defunct although the thorny crown should continue)
Blammo God - 09.1
Director of RHPS 09.1
Half of a Most Excellent Octopus - 08.1 09.1

04.1 Examining the Evidence (baby CTY Chestertown)
05.1 Elements of Drama (baby CTY Chestertown)
06.1 Philosophy of Mind (Lancaster)
07.1 Cryptology (Lancaster)
08.1 Fundamentals of Computer Science (Lancaster)
08.2 Chemistry (Lancaster)
09.1 Data Structures and Algorithms (Lancaster)

Dear Elena: I am writing you a letter on RealCTY because I am bored. I will then probably inform you by facebook or IM that I wrote you a letter on your userpage, out of boredom. you should write me back, and we can cover your userpage with our delightfully clever correspondence. My lip hurts because I am biting it. I have exams and am not studying; unlike many CTYers, however, this will actually affect my grades, and I may or may not get a whole pile of Cs and get in parental trouble. Ah well, such is life.

Wanna buy a duck?

Love, Rachel-monster