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About Me

  • Hello all, it's Stuart
  • I am 15
  • I am one of the approximately 4% of Americans who have red hair.
  • I can do a Rubik's Cube in 1 min 45 secs

CTY Years

2006: Bristol, RI; Roger Williams University; Session I

  • RA: David Orr
  • Computer Science (B?), Dan Ditursi/ Nick Flath

2007: Easton, PA; Lafayette College; Session II

  • Team Awesome, The Murph Squad (RA: Jeff Murphy)
  • Chaos and Fractals B, Ilia Toli/Kimberly Askmit

2008: Easton, PA; Lafayette College; Session I

  • RA: Eric Wong
  • Bioethics, Erica Laethem/ Frank Januitis

CTY Experinces


  • Watching the World Cup
  • Receiving my first Rubik's Cube in a care package
  • Crashing each others computer programs in Class
    • Well, really others crashing my programs (grr.)
  • Four Square
  • Lots of various card games, in which I manged to get owned in all of them


  • Playing FLAAR
  • Watching Pokemon
    • Don't ask
  • Having the most hyper- active kid in the entire camp as your roommate
    • One Word: ouch
  • Hurting my wrist from playing too much dodge ball
  • Eating a firefly
    • Yes, I actually ate a firefly. My RA, Jeff, was wondering if one were to eat a firefly, would the glowing fluid in the tail squirt out in your mouth and make your mouth glow. I decided to try it during quad time. The firefly didn't taste that bad, except for the fact that it was dirty. My mouth did glow somewhat. (My roommate video taped it, but wont send me the file ): )
  • Doing Sudokus from the morning newspaper


  • The health office's least favorite hall. In our hall we had
    • 1 panic attack
    • 1 suspicious set of scabs along a wrist
    • 1 mild 2nd degree burns
    • 1 not waking up (this was scary)
    • 2 heat exhaustion collapses
    • 10 of 10 kids who got a cold in the last week (including me)
  • Winning swashbuckler- "*clap* black *clap* squad"
  • Beating Logic in debate
  • peep hole watching at night
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Potatoes
  • Eric is a beast
  • Wonders if he is getting to old for CTY/CAA...

May all your sporks stay sharp,


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