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My name is Fury.

I am a Nerdfighter.

I like hats. A lot.

I like Sci-Fi.

I generally don't like hugs unless they have meaning.

I like memorizing lengthy songs and enjoy vocal harmony.

I like Anime.

I like Webcomics.

I like improv comedy.

I like music.

I am a competitive trampolinist.

As my Username says, I am the Lord of Derp.

I suffer from violent outbreaks of PCTYD.

I play the piano, the saxophone, and the bodhran.

I like playing good ol' American football and Ultimate Frisbee.

I like ranting about my hobbies with other people who like my hobbies around people who have no idea what we are talking about.

I like rice. A lot.

I like videogames.


2011 was my 8th year of CTY (yes, some of those years were CAA and a few people seem to think that doesn't count, but I don't care), which got me active in the community, and 2012 was my Nevermore year.

I spent said Nevermore year back at LMU.

I had to.

The embodiment of the Holy Trinity of the site from 2011 year passed on the titles of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I am the first and founding Father of LMU. I passed on my title to Edie S.

If I looked into the mirror of Erised right now, I would see CTY at LMU again.

I can't wait to return as an RA.

2011 I was at LMU in Mariana's hall and partook in the Session 2 Logic class.

It was the best Session of my life then and 2012, Kendra's hall, Philosophy of Mind were the best 3 weeks of my life.

Thank you, CTY, for allowing this all to happen to me.