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Sarah Hackney: more awesome than sand. Official MoF! (Master of Flaar). Proud owner of Dermot Curtin's original hippie glasses, which he owned since he was 13 and which I may eventually give to some deserving young hooligan.

Reasons You Might Know Me

- Bethlehem site, session 1, Medieval Studies (or whatever)
- Mt. Holyoke site, session 1, Creative Writing

- LAN.05.2: Greek 1
- LAN.06.1: Greek 2
- LAN.06.2: Astronomy
- LAN.07.1: Archaeology
- LAN.07.2: Number Theory
- LAN.08.1: Physics
- LAN.08.2: Paleobiology <-- This session I served as Lorekeeper

Inside of that, you might know me as the girl who did "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in '05, "View From Heaven" in '06, "Say Yes" and then "Blackbird" in '07, and "Scarborough Fair" and "Space Oddity" in '08. Or you might know me as the girl who was always explaining the rules in Acting Improv in '07, session 1. Or you might know me as Riff Raff in Rocky Horror in '08 session 1. Or perhaps even from the fact that my Passionfruit speech in 08.2 was actually a song I'd written on the guitar. Or even from my abridged performance of "And it Stoned Me" at Open Mic Night in 08.2. So I've been musical and present. That's enough to be known for, right?

Passionfruit Song

Send me out to sea alone
I've got no way to come back home
You were a life boat, you were a high note
Rising up to the guiding stars
Now the sky is dark and it's all fogging up
I just can't find a sign
Can't believe I'm leaving this behind

Oh my only home
Oh my broken history
What to do without you now?
All that's left to do now...

I'm drowning in my own sin
Don't want to sail into that wind
You kept me sailing, while I was bailing
Out my sinking life
And now my anchor's up
And I'm drifting off to nowhere
Hey, hey man are you listening?
Hey, god, are you there?

Oh my only home
Oh my broken memories
How should I say goodbye now?
As dawn and evening die now?

I'm never one to stand and cry
And I never need to say goodbye
So what the hell am I going through
What am I supposed to do?
I see the lights outside my bedroom
Saying that I'm gonna die soon
Oh I don't want the sun to rise
On another sorry day

Oh my only home
Oh my lonely history
How can I say goodbye now
If I can't help but cry now?

Don't let me cry today...