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To Aw Beans

To Our Zines

To My Knees

To grandpa isaac

To “as a new jersey jew, what are your opinions on NJ bagels?”...”who is this?”

To the gaynor sitcom

To twizzler straws


To Nightcore covers

To guillotines

To deathball

To the frogs, all 570 of them

To shower speedruns

To SERATONIN? In this economy?

To “Number 7, isaac moss. the last thing you want in your teenage camper is old man joints”



To (whip) gut shabbes

To (do the motion) My Wife

To “I’m gonna kill 3 rock stars tonight!”

To not knowing how to rave

To jack finally getting the duck out

To getting mugged for fruit


To slow down the moment with Mr. Pibb

To Cars 4: Tow mater dies

To minions 2: the desiccated corpse of tow mater

To never have being sanctioned

To my many food crimes

To everything that i have done at this camp

To my courses - Electrical Engineering, CompSci, Crypto, and Dissent

To my roommates - Liam, Aneesh, Kevin, and Jack

To our hall - i don’t know what happened in there most of the time

To my RAs - Jimmy, Ian, Gaynor

To M, Jared, SK, Gittings

To Quinn, Leah, Reese, Blue, Gage

To MJ, Tanwi, Naomi, Red

To Liz, Jack, Faythe, and Katie

To Caroline, Daniel, Shreya, Alex, and Reilly

To my friends

To the staff - including Jack Krentz, Camille, Noah, Sim, Grant, and more

To the Dickinson campus - The HUB, ATS, KW Alley, Denny and More

To this camp itself

Finally, to you. You are what make this camp home. Without you, this magical place where people can be whoever they want would not exist. I don’t have to search for hope because I have found it here, among you all. Each of you have a spark that you bring back home from CTY. You all can make the rest of your life feel like this place. I have taken all that CTY has given me and carried it with me for years, making my normal life back in Baltimore another magical place. CTY is changing, but it is changing you at the same time. So take that spark and change the world.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you.

I love CTY and I love the passionfruit.


didn't you also reject a mic at poetry night and yelled instead even though your voice was already hoarse - sophie