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Hey guys my name is Jordan Ginsburg! I like you! I love you! I CTY all of you!

Position Holdings: Coconuts Lan 16.1, Stripper Lan 17.1, would have been Jester 17.2 but I couldn't come back ;-;

Alcovian and Double Sessioner.

Baby CTY:

Ches 13.1 Model U.N.

Ches 13.2 Marine Biology


Lan 14.1 History of Disease

Lan 15.1 Logic: Principles of Reasoning

Lan 16.1 Philosophy of the Mind

Lan 16.2 Creative Nonfiction

Lan 17.1 Fiction and Poetry

Currently a forevermore but I'll never stop holding CTY in my heart. Thank you for all the memories.

favorite meal

anything bONELESS -arugula