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LAN 19.1 - Neuroscience
LAN 19.1 - Neuroscience
== Everything else ==
== Comments ==

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Hi, I'm Jaden Oh. I realized that I never created an account on realcty despite having used it so frequently, so here I am. I've been to SAR 18.2 and LAN 19.1 so far, and hopefully I can return to either of those sites for my next two years, if possible. You can find me carrying around my soccer ball and or frisbee constantly, and occasionally my glowsticks if I find them. I like to think I'm decent at raving, but the sad truth is that whenever I try angel-wings, I whack myself in the head, and I haven't learned any flashy tricks...yet. I think I'm decently well-versed in tradition??? But anyhoo, if you see me at any site, come talk to me! I'd love to get to know you. I like you, I love you, I CTY you.






SAR 18.2 - Fundamentals of CS

LAN 19.1 - Neuroscience