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Hi. I'm Nathan, I can typically be found playing frisbee, raving, or hanging out with my friend (Tseela. She's my only friend.) Started at JHU in 15.2. Now a proud Lancastrian and your 18.1 Jester. I'm pretty bad at starting conversations so feel free to come talk to me so that I don't have to. Squirrel Parents: Sienna Axe and Jack "The Frenchiest" Frey

Squirrel Children: Kristy Trojak and Ceci Skinner-Grant


Fun facts:

  • I went to high school with Sienna Axe and everybody hates me for it
  • I used to go to school with Suzanna Graham and convinced her to come to LAN
  • I first learned how to rave from the great Oliver Grayson at JHU.15.2
  • I play ultimate for two high schools at home, one of which is a varsity frisbee team
  • I earned a black belt in Taekwondo and used to practice Brazillian Jiu Jitsu as well
  • I’m the Secretary-General of the Model UN club at my high school
  • I lost the game

Claims to Fame

  • Alcovian
  • Jester 18.1
  • Second place finish in Trinity grailboop 18.1
  • Watermelon hat wearer 17.1
  • SKL Pong Organizer 18.1
  • Brad in Rocky Horror 18.1
  • Honorary member of Jon’s 18.1 Hall most famous for their 30 house cup points
  • Winner of 2 Ultimate Frisbee tournaments 18.1,18.2
  • Winner of the student-staff Ultimate Frisbee game with Double L’s 18.1
  • Primary handler for KSD 18.2
  • Survived the first purge 18.1
  • Honorary Member of Louie’s Hall 18.2

Passionfruit Speech

Today is the day the music died. Last night was our last dance and it’s our last summer. And to be honest, I’m not ready to let go. I’m lucky that I don’t have to let go entirely; I still have another session, but I’m unlucky in that I have to watch my family leave home and go back to their corners of the world. This is my home and I don’t think anything could make me want to leave it, but a home is marked by the people in it. You are all my family, whether you’re my child like Kristy or a cousin 25 times removed. The res quad is the largest living room in the world and we’re all here to say goodbye. I have to say goodbye to more than just my family, however. I have to part with the jacket and hat that have become a part of me over the past year. Through the thick and thin of sophomore year, this physical reminder of my family pulled me through. And now I’m giving it up. The Jester is outgoing and well-respected. Representative of the sum of our parts, the Jester is the oldest position at session 1 Lancaster. I’m passing on the coat we borrowed from James Dean to the strongest leader and most outgoing onemore I know. Sam! (Here is the moment where I gave Sam the jacket and with it, a little bit of my heart)

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has made CTY what it is for me. Thank you to everyone here and everyone gone. Thank you to Will and Michael and Harrison and Alan, you’re the best teammates I’ve ever had. Thank you to the wonderful RAs like Louie, Megan, Esmeralda, and Katrina who help us uphold the traditions and community that we’ve built. Thank you to Sienna for getting me to come here. I owe you the world, mom. Thank you to everyone who sits in the Alcove every day. You’re all my fucked up family (SRA Richard: Nathan!) and I love you so much. I’m running out of time and my time’s up, wise up, eyes up. I’ve got three more weeks, yet today is the day of my first death. I like you, I love you, I CTY you to hell and back. I love CTY and I love the passionfruit.

Passionfruit 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hi. My name is Nathan. You may know me as the kid who shouts Heidi Wong during Pie or who claps funny during Heaven. This is my first time double sessioning and my first time at second session. I was the 18.1 Jester, making me one of four Jesters on campus right now. I’ve been thinking a lot on what to say today. It took a lot of energy to do this once and I’m lucky to get to do it again. I decided to come to second session this year for two reasons. One, school credit and two, my inability to let go of things. But as first session ended, I was ready to go. Ready to die and move on from the surrealist real world of CTY to the hellish fake world of outside life. Ready to leave my children, Kristy and Ceci, and my successor, Sam, and my best friend, Tseela, and the son-shine of my life, Suzanna. But then I met all of you. A brother from another session. A special thot. People who compliment my hugs and a family as real as my first session family. And so, I tried to participate in some of your weird second session traditions. I helped where I could with admin and with the difficult emotions that come from existing in such a great place and having to leave it. But, I know that this part hurts and I know that i can’t assuage that pain. And, despite having been ready to go, I’m feeling that pain right now. But it’s time for me to go. Forever a Jester and forever an Alcovian, if I made your last three weeks any better, I have succeeded. If not, I still have a few hours to try. So in the immortal words of myself seconds before Richard yelled at me, you’re all my fucked up family and I love you so much. You all know what I think of Baltimore so, I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY and I love the passionfruit.


"Don't trust the beavers." -A Completely Random Person

Hi Grandson

-Hey Shma'am no one gets to go to school with Sienna and hear the end of it, also I love you so much shma'am. - a nerd who's just really lucky to be your friend

-Hey, good sir, I am also your friend - your drunk aunt

-Just wanna let you know that I love you and cty would have been so much worse without you. -Cec