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You lose.

*adopts Darth Vader voice* I am Diana, a forevermore since 2010 with all intentions of returning.

Myself in my native habitat (09.2, final dance)

These are my 8 years of CTY:
Windward 2003.1- The Ancient World (fetus)
Windward 2004.1- Reading and Writing Workshop (fetus)
Cal Lutheran 2005.1- Inductive and Deductive Reasoning A (baby)
Cal Lutheran 2006.1- Individually Paced Math Sequence (baby)
LMU 2007.2- Crafting the Essay
LMU 2008.2- Logic
LMU 2009.2- International Politics
LMU 2010.2- Cognitive Psychology

If you were with me for any of these sessions, I was the one with the collection of sparkly hats, and wandered about muttering to a Rubik's cube.

(I have an eleven-year-old brother named Daniel who will be a 7-Year-Satan, or an 10-Year if you count fetus-CTY @_@ I have been stuffing him with CTY culture and he is completely open and eager to learn traditions, so for all you traditionalist first-sessioners at LMU, look for the hispanic kid with the really round head!! And the repeatedly jammed fingers. And the five six lanyards. Meh.)