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Hi, I was Jesus for CTY LAN 06.2.

I took Logic B LAN.06.2 and was on Second Dubbs. I took Philamind B LAN.05.2 and was on third buch. I took Greek I LAN.04.2 and was on third buch. Previous to that I had been at two CAA sites at Lafayette and Hood (Computer programming and introduction to mathmatical excursions respectively). I also attended three years of baby CTY taking Drama, introduction to the middle ages, and ancient civilizations.

I spent most of my time in the AtleeDubbs2 lounge making out (slash not really) with Christian "Christ" Burnette, playing Boobtag and being in couch orgies. I'm the Jesus referred to in "Jesus fucking Christ."

I played Magenta for Rocky Horror 06.2 and it rocked.

And finally, I (as always) made out with Kai (Satan) during the Last Supper.

Me as Magenta for Rocky Horror 06.2

I love how all my pictures have worked their ways through the internet to realcty. <3 Eli

real cty IS the internet, and since we lack max's photos, yours are the best we've got :D (even though Im a big fan of this picture, I dunno if even max has a better shot of rachel) ~yulia

I will admit that this is a really good picture. Also it's the only one I've seen that's a full shot of the costume, even if you can't see the AMAZING boots.