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Passionfruit Speech

I wasn't going to come to Lancaster last year. The only reason I did was to take a certain class. I came to session two and I took Number Theory, which is THE best class, no matter who teaches it. If I had stayed in California for my last two years, that would be seven years of staying in my home state. LMU doesn't compare to here as so many other people have said. But it's not just comparing to other sites. We are the best community I have ever been a part of. And no matter how many people you know, how many people you know the names of, you're gonna have a good time, because that's what CTY is about.

It feels really good to be standing here right now. I know that this is the right place to be; I'm really happy that I'm talking, that I'm giving this speech. I didn't want to go too early because as soon as you talk, it's over. But I've listened to other people's toasts, I've figured out what to say, and I feel like my experience is complete and I'm ready to move on.

I love all of you, I love CTY, and I love the passionfruit.