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Hello from CTYer 1166057.
I go by my nickname (Switch) and my real name is Sarah 장미 Badenhorst. If you think you know me from CTY, I was that English girl in the green jacket who ran everywhere and became JHU's Empress in 22.1 and JHU's Rave Monarch in 23.1.
I'm currently a 17 year old senior in England and although I've only done 4 years of CTY onsite, I've done CTY every year (except for 2019) from 2014 to 2023. And it's been pretty darn fun. CTY has been my life for ten incredible years and I really wouldn't be here without it. I'd urge anyone who's young enough/smart enough to get as much as they can out of this place I still call home… and to hit me up if they have anything to say (CTY related or not). Any friend of CTY is a friend of mine.
Sincerely yours and forevermore,
~ Switch 13:03, 31 August 2023 (EDT)

Course list

Here is a list of courses I have done in previous years/are currently doing/am confirmed to do. If you are a classmate/site-mate feel free to contact me.
2014.6 (CTY Online) YRS Wild Things –––––––(Course started 2014, ended 2015)
2015.1 (CTY Online) Elementary Problem Solving 2
2015.3 (CTY Online) YRS Robot Encounter
2015.2 (ALEXANDRIA) Mathematical Problem Solving A (MPSE-A)
2015.3 (CTY Online) Honors Grade 5 Mathematics–––––––(Course started 2015, ended 2016)
2016.3 (CTY Online) YRS Magical Life Lessons
2016.5 (CTY Online) The Process of Writing
2017.2 (SANDY SPRINGS) Inductive and Deductive Reasoning (INDE)
2018.3 (CTY Online) Honors Algebra 2
2020.3 (CTY Online) Honors Pre-Calculus
2020.3 (CTY Online) AP Calculus BC –––––––(Course started 2020, ended 2021)
2022.1 (JHU) Investigations in Engineering B (IENG-B)
2023.1 (JHU) Topology

  • YRS=Young Reader's Series

On monarchy

This is adapted from my personal entry in the book of love and gives some details about how being so involved in CTY tradition changed me for the better… and can be used as a general use "how to" guide for future monarchy…

“What can I say, this house is falling apart…” Hey, it’s Switch again.

My birth name is Sarah Jangmi Badenhorst and I’m absolutely honored to serve as your Empress. If you knew me on campus it would probably be as the scrawny british kid with short, dark hair who ran everywhere and took steps two at a time (up AND down).

So, about being Empress… It’s no secret that I have a strong affinity for CTY. I wasn’t built for the world so I made one for myself among the people like me… and I've detailed the session transfer and history of the book, but I haven’t mentioned how I didn’t introduce myself as empress in my forward. This was because even after writing up the Book of Love, having been a CTYer for 7 years and being declared Empress by my (amazing!) predecessor, for some reason I just didn’t believe I had what it took to do the job justice and stand among the people I’d always looked up to… so although I may be no expert, I’m dedicating my “user page” to telling you everything I’ve learned about being a position older.

The No.1 rule of position holders is that we’re people, not paragons… and that’s the best part of us. We’re people with unique experiences & views who help tradition evolve & thrive. Although we may be figure-heads and act to set an example, we NEED our own flair & passion to leave our mark… and that passion is the ONLY thing we’re required to have (You can and WILL learn public-speaking on the job). The “CTY spark” is so visceral & special because it cannot be taught, so what choice do we have but to use it! And don’t worry about being bad at being social; if one has the passion and knowledge, communicative skills follow fast. Finally, we must trust ourselves & voice our opinions. It’s ours now and though change is scary, change is necessary & don't panic if things aren't perfect.

And my reign? I wish I’d learnt everything I said earlier and I still can’t understand how I got so much support from so many people… but that’s the magic & solidarity of CTY. Afterall, if not for them, then who? And I don’t want to look back on my flaws, because CTY and especially the act of being Empress has taught me so much. This place has truly rocked my world, blown my mind and broken my heart in a way that has really just taught me how to be… and I can’t wait to go out into the world and just be the wonderful person this place helped me grow into.

P.S: With all that said, if you ever need ANYTHING from me (CTY related or not) don't hesitate to hit me up. This camp is my life and whether you're reading this when I'm 17 or 70, so long as I'm kicking around I'll be glad to help out a fellow CTYer.

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Passionfruit speech 22.1

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So many great people…too many to put here without flooding my (already flooded) page, so I've moved them here. Come see them!


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Discord: "". My DMs are always open & you can hang with me on Server 42
Reddit: I'm on the CTY reddit as "Switch_19102", but I RARELY check it.

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You're JHU's best 2022 royalty! I mean I wasn't there but I'm so so impressed by what you did, so... here's a friendly comment :) - Anouk