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blep - [[User:Gracechen|quonk bonk]]
blep - [[User:Gracechen|quonk bonk]]
I love u even tho I had to fix that hat so many times samool - [[User:Deej|quonk bonk 2 electric boogaloo]]

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About Me

"And of all my friends

You've been the best to me

Soon will be the day

When I will pay you handsomely

Broken hearts are hard to mend

I know I've had my share

But life just carries on

Even when I'm not there"

Mick Jones, Big Audio Dynamite

In my time as Jester, I hope I made you laugh. And if I didn't, I know Naomi will.

And to everyone who made my final year what it was: I like you, I love you, and forevermore I CTY you.

Courses and Sites

14.1 - CHS - Introduction to Robotics (Baby CTY)

15.1 - CHS - The Physics of Engineering (Baby CTY)

16.1 - LAN - Fast-Paced High School Biology

17.1 - LAN - Astrophysics

18.1 - LAN - Neuroscience

19.1 - LAN - Topology


jupiter. ~Sm0l

I may need to borrow it sometime. Expiration dates are more of an suggestion right??

Don't worry about it, it expires in 2023.

Now THAT is some majestic shit right there! Damn what an icon!

love you sm zestyjestyboi <3

you are the best big brother thats not related to me or older than me, ilysm ~bella

What a majestic being. So rare. Much wow. ~ Lindsey

blep - quonk bonk

I love u even tho I had to fix that hat so many times samool - quonk bonk 2 electric boogaloo