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Hello Anouk,

In regards to the PAL codes, it is a little different. On The Middle Ages page, it has categories below that are with each site, which you would be able to navigate to the site from that specific category from clicking on it. I do see the problem, but I do not think I will get around to the CTY Online courses for a little while.




It appears as if they have changed the code for Honors Pre-Algebra to HPA, probably to not get people confused even though Palo Alto is now defunct. I will fix that right away. Thank you for your concerns.


Thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad I could help you through the session and thank you as well for being such an amazing friend! - Amelia

Added the image! It's grainy because it's a still taken from a Snapchat video, but I think it gets the point across... let me know what you think! Cheers

- anon

Hey. You don't know me and I don't know you. Just dropping in to say I see your edits & proof reading on the wiki EVERYWHERE and I really appreciate them. Especially on the Baltimore page because I've been writing a lot there recently and drop syntax errors left, right and center. P.S: nice lanyard collection. I personally had 18 from 22.1, but gave most away to friends. -Switch.

Me again. Thanks for the note on my page! Yeah, I'm not exactly that good at editing wiki pages either, but I'm trying. I would also agree that collecting lanyards is fun and I'm kind of regretting not asking people for theirs like you. I never understood it, but there's a surprising number of people who don't keep their lanyards. Eh, no matter. I'll stick to raiding the main office.