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* Random looking clothes for the dances
* Random looking clothes for the dances
* Nice looking clothes for CAAsino Night & Semi Formal
* Nice looking clothes for CAAsino Night & Semi Formal
* Extra Money for when we go to WaWa and Purple Cow
* Extra Money for:
**Purple Cow
* Extra clothes to share for Cross Dress Day (girls make them extra girly)
* Extra clothes to share for Cross Dress Day (girls make them extra girly)
* Black clothes for Goth Monday
* Black clothes for Goth Monday

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A list of things that Baltimore doesn't know you need.


The items here are generally universal; they may not apply to a site or two. Please do not repost this list for individual sites.

  • Flashlight -- forbidden at almost every site, although people bring them anyway
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors -- for cutting holes in your jeans
  • Glowsticks -- for raving, learning to rave, and hitting oneself in the balls (guys only)
    • Lanyard-type objects for stringraving
  • Deck of cards and Poker chips -- kind of forbidden at CAR, but nobody enforces it)
  • Camera(s)
  • Snacks (no peanuts at LAN!)
  • Permanent marker (for t-shirt signing the last day)
  • Poster(s)
    • And post-its telling people not to make out with it if it features a hot guy (such as Johnny Depp)
  • iPod and speakers
    • A massive amount of batteries for any mp3 player(s)/CD player(s) you bring + chargers
  • Water bottle
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Clothes to lend for cross-dress days
  • Black Lanyard -- be careful of confiscation
  • A copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- the veritable Bible
  • Food and drinks
  • Fishnets
  • Extra batteries for your calculator
  • A hairbrush and plenty of hairties
  • Nail clipper


  • Snacks cannot contain peanuts; they cannot even have been made in a factory that also processes peanuts or makes peanut products. RAs WILL confiscate contraband food.
  • Bathrobe
  • Extra Towels
  • Halloween costume
  • Umbrella -- but only if it pops out when you push the button (or if it's just awesome)
  • Frisbees
  • Old lanyards
  • Ramen -- BEWARE: Except for the Shrimp kind, Cup Noodles have peanuts!!!
    • or Bowl Appetit or Simply Thai noodles or other instant foods
    • food is available at Turkey Hill
  • Boxers for BLT
  • Painkillers for emergencies
  • Fancier clothes, for the dances
  • Clothes for Second Saturday


  • Energy drinks -- Purchasing them from the Devil's Den may soon be prohibited.
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Assorted crap for various theme-day(stuff you would normally never wear except for fun. it'll come in handy)

[including fishnets for girls (Goth Day) and clothes for the opposite sex to wear for Drag Day(clothes you dont mind getting ripped, stretched out, dirty, etc.)]

  • Instant Ramen Noodles & other microwaveable foods.
  • Rubix Cubes(The ones at The Devil's Den are overpriced and not as good.)

^^Be careful. If you leave it lying around outside or ANYWHERE, it can and will get stolen.

  • Frisbees to throw around during break or on the weekends.
  • A digital camera that has video[with sound!] to record all the stupid but fun things that happen. And to take pictures of course.
  • Large beach towel for PassionFruit and just to sit on outside.
  • An umbrella because when it rains, it RAINS.
  • Large amounts of glow stuff for the dances. Glowsticks, bracelets, balls, etc. Especially for during "Sandstorm". Everyone gets into a huge crowded circle while a few people dance with their glow stuff. It looks really cool.

Saratoga Springs (Skidmore)

  • Masking tape/duct tape -- for flat-ironing it into your hair
  • Insect Repellent
  • Fans -- especially Wilmarth/McClellan, girls don't have to worry
    • 17" box fans fit PERFECTLY in any window and are highly recommended
  • Extra towels/bathrobe
  • Old clothes
  • Hats
  • Chalk Now banned. Sob.
  • Extra Frisbees -- the ones they sell in the store break quickly
  • Sharpies
  • Energy drinks -- Red Bull, No Fear, Monster, etc.
  • Catholic school girlish clothes, a.k.a. uniforms
  • Boots for the massive puddles found there
  • Cheez doodles and 8-oz sprite cans
  • Ninja gear for Ninja/Caveman/Pirate attack days
  • Lots of spending cash (in hand and on card) for vending machines in Wilmarth/McClellan and for laser tag, CVS, Borders, etc.
  • CD player -- for playing CDs bought at Borders/Last Vestige during a town trip
  • Glow bracelets -- for the dances

Loudonville (Siena)

  • Duct tape, strong string, and clothes hangers for Fairy Princess Day
  • Clothes for Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl Day
  • A backpack
  • SNACKS or tons of change for vending machines -- most of the machines don't accept the declining balance cards
  • Fans -- Ryan Hall, the boys' hall, is cramped and has no A/C
    • Girls should also bring fans and give them to the boys, some of whom are certain to have forgotten to bring one.
  • Alarm clock -- you might have to wake up early for showers.
  • Long-sleeved tee and/or hoodie -- the movie theater and the classrooms are usually extremely cold
  • An umbrella, raincoat, and rain boots
  • Lots and lots of clothes -- there are few working laundry machines

Los Angeles (LMU)

  • Bathing suits
  • Bathrobe -- if you get caught in the shower during a fire drill
  • Black clothing and eyeliner, for Emo Day
  • Bubble solution and bubble wand -- everyone loves bubbles!
  • Board shorts for Wet 'N Wild Day
  • Camera -- preferably digital
  • Candy
  • Cards
  • Clothing of many different types, mostly dressy, for themed dances -- girls
  • Comfortable shoes for dances -- NO HEELS! They kill your feet.
  • Drag day outfit
    • Girls: baseball cap
    • Boys: Fake hair/ hair extensions)
  • Extra frisbees -- they tend to fly onto roofs or into gutters
  • Fan (electric) -- Huesman or Doheny are unbearably hot; Whelan & Rosecrans are better, and Desmond is by far the best
  • Flashlights -- especially if they have blue/white light, like LEDs or glowsticks
  • Flip flops that don't break easily
  • Food Packages
  • Hats
  • Instant ramen -- there's hot water in the cafeteria
  • Laundry hamper/bag
  • Magazines
  • Peanuts (for the squirrels)
  • Seasonings -- if you want your food to taste like anything
  • Sidewalk chalk -- they often run out in the activity
  • Some sort of casino outfit -- dress/suit
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Masking and duct tape
  • Tennis racket/balls
  • Tissues
  • Towels: Beach towel, hand towel, full-sized shower towel
  • Your lovely self!

Baltimore (JHU)

  • Cards -- while waiting for classes
  • Two pairs of sneakers -- in case the rain soaks through
  • Hand-held Fans
  • Lots of Change -- for soda machines and laundry
  • Snacks -- candy and ramen
  • Umbrella
  • Hoodie/Sweater -- for cold classrooms
  • Extra dressy clothes -- for girls, for dances
  • Video Cameras
  • Ghost Stories
  • Packs of Drinks -- share them with your hallmates
  • Personal Posters/Pictures
  • Laundry basket/hamper/bag


  • Clothes of every color for Swashbuckler (Colors/ teams: red, black, white, blue, orange/yellow "Reese's", green)
  • At least 10 pairs of underwear in case you run short before Laundry Day
  • NOT a desk lamp -- We don't even do homework in our dorms
  • Random looking clothes for the dances
  • Nice looking clothes for CAAsino Night & Semi Formal
  • Extra Money for:
    • WaWa
    • Purple Cow
    • Pizza
    • Chinese
  • Extra clothes to share for Cross Dress Day (girls make them extra girly)
  • Black clothes for Goth Monday
  • Polo/collared shirts for Preppy Tuesday
  • Tennis racket
  • Bug spray
  • Girls: Lots of hair products for dances