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The items here are generally universal; they may not apply to a site or two. Please do not repost this list for individual sites.

  • Flashlight (forbidden at JHU, LAN, CAR, and SAR, although people bring them anyway)
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors (for cutting holes in your jeans)
  • Glowsticks (for raving, learning to rave, and hitting oneself in the balls (guys only))
    • Lanyard-like objects (non-2005 lanyards work well) for stringraving
  • Deck of cards and Poker chips (kind of forbidden at CAR, but nobody enforces it)
  • Camera(s)
  • Snacks (no peanuts at LAN!)
  • Permanent marker (for tee-shirt signing the last day)
  • Poster(s)
    • And post-its telling people not to make out with it if it features a hot guy (such as Johnny Depp)
  • iPod and speakers
    • A massive amount of batteries for any mp3 player(s)/CD players you bring + chargers
  • Water bottle
  • Rubik's Cube (should be a requirement, and if you can solve one fairly quickly, enter the Talent Show)
  • It's even cooler if you can get one of those unique ones like the ones with only four squares on each side, the metallic ones, the sparkly ones, the neon ones, and even those weird deformed ones that I would never be able to solve if my life depended on it.
  • Clothes to lend for cross-dress days
  • Black Lanyard (be careful of confiscation)
  • A copy of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (To some people, this is their veritable Bible, and will hate you if you disgrace the book)
  • Food and Drinks. Nothing makes friends better than a warm smile and a case of Mountain Dew.
  • Fishnets. If you don't wear them, then someone else will. So bring them.
  • Extra batteries for your calculator!
  • A hairbrush (no, they don't have it on the to-bring list) and plenty of hairties
  • Nail clipper
  • Texting plan - this isn't completely needed but texting is useful! seriously, for those times in class when you are too high tech to use a piece of paper and a pen. also, u can text people in the other classes & this way there is no evidence, theres no paper for the teacher to take. and finally, for all those people looking for a summer love, text your crush at night! or just text your opposite gender friends at night! texting comes in handy!!!

A note from a friendly staffer: If you have somehow managed to acquire a staff lanyard, congrats on your mad skills of lanyard steal-age, but leave it at home! There is a significant chance that if a staffer sees it, they will confiscate it.


  • Snacks cannot contain peanuts; they cannot even have been made in a factory that also processes peanuts or makes peanut products. RAs WILL confiscate contraband food.
  • Bathrobe <<Don't overlook this. Countless souls have gone to CTY without a bathrobe and felt excluded on Thursdays when they had no bathrobe to wear.
  • Extra Towels
  • Halloween costume
  • Umbrella (but only if it pops out when you push the button.)
  • Frisbees
  • Old lanyards
  • Ramen -- BEWARE: Cup Noodle has PEANUTS!!!
  • --> Ramen? Who needs ramen? You HAVE to go for BOWL APPETIT, especially Three Cheese Rotini. Immediately upon arrival, locate your nearest microwave (there is usually one in each hall)!! Also, Simply Thai coconut noodles are good. Try to bring a variety of microwavable foods, with mugs and utensils and stuff, or prepare to lift some from the dining hall. (Just a thoughtful note from a Schnader basement Latinite)
  • ----> They have those Bowl Appetits at Turkey Hill in case you get there and want to pick one up. Apparently they're habit-forming. (From the Greek 1 girl in Schnader, who lived across from the microwave used by both the greekies and the latinites downstairs)
  • Boxers for BLT


  • Duct tape, strong string, and clothes hangers for Fairy Princess Day
  • Clothes for Naughty Catholic Schoolgirl Day
  • A backpack
  • SNACKS or tons of change for vending machines
  • Boys: make sure you bring a fan. Ryan Hall is: 1) cramped and 2) non air conditioned and it can get pretty hot in New York. Girls should also bring fans and give them to the boys, some of whom are certain to have forgotten to bring one.
  • A long-sleeved tee and/or hoodie because the movie theater and the classrooms are usually extremely cold. Trust me.
  • An umbrella, raincoat, and rain boots... it can get quite wet and rainy... and your sandals can get quite moldy.
  • A good attitude so you won't get TOO pissed at the sucky RAs
  • Lots and lots of clothes; there aren't too many working laundry machines


  • Boys: bring energy drinks. Soon they'll prohibit buying them at the Devil's Den due to Chris White's hall in Session 1 of '05 and Matt's hall in Session 1 '06 and Matt's hall's Hammbit Chang in Session 2 and Ian's hall in Session 2 '06 (not really, but yea). We found our ways around the rules. Especially right after check in at 10. STOP DRINKING ENERGY DRINKS RIGHT BEFORE BED!!!
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Assorted crap for various theme-day or dance costumes including fishnets for girls (goth day) and clothes for the opposite sex to wear for Drag Day


  • Sunblock
  • Camera (preferably digital)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Extra bathing suits
  • Flip flops that don't break easily
  • Comfortable shoes for dances (NO HEELS! They kill your feet.)
  • Bathrobe (You'll need it if the fire drill's during your shower.)
  • Peanuts (for the squirrels)
  • Polo shirt
  • Board shorts for Wet 'N Wild Day
  • Extra towels
  • Some sort of casino outfit (Dress/Suit)
  • A fan. You might be in Huesman or Doheny where it's unbearably hot. Whelan & Rosecrans are better, and Desmond is by far the best.
  • Food Packages
  • Extra frisbees (they tend to fly onto roofs or into gutters)
  • Tennis racket/balls (if you're into tennis)
  • Sidewalk chalk (they often run out in the activity)
  • Bubble solution and bubble wand (everyone loves bubbles!)
  • Masking/duct tape (it always comes in handy)
  • A cross-dressing/drag day outfit (Girls: baseball cap; Boys: Fake hair/ hair extensions)
  • Instant ramen (there's hot water in the cafeteria)
  • Tissues
  • Magazines
  • Plenty of dressy clothes (for girls) (to wear at dances and swap with friends)
  • Laundry hamper (to put dirty clothes in and carry them to laundry rooms)
  • Your lovely self!

Saratoga Springs

  • Masking tape/duct tape for flat-ironing it into your hair (LAURA TIMS 2nd session '07)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Fans, especially Wilmarth, girls don't have to worry (17" box fans fit PERFECTLY in any window and are highly recommended)
  • Extra towels/bathrobe
  • Old clothes
  • Hats
  • Chalk
  • Extra Frisbees (the ones they sell in the store break in two seconds)
  • Sharpies
  • Energy drinks (Red Bull, No Fear, Monster, etc.)
  • Catholic school girlish clothes aka uniforms
  • Boots for the massive puddles found there
  • Cheez doodles and 8-oz sprite cans
  • Ninja gear for Ninja/Caveman/Pirate attack days
  • Lots of spending cash (in hand and on card) for vending machines in Wilmarth and for laser tag, CVS, Borders, etc.
  • CD player (for playing CDs bought at Borders during a town trip)

Johns Hopkins (JHU)

  • Cards (You need them when you're waiting for classes. Its always fun to play BS or Speed.)
  • Two pairs of sneakers (the rain is CRAZY when it comes...the water will fully soak your sneakers..so bring a dirty/extra one for occasions like that)
  • Hand-held Fans (It gets HOT there...one girl even fainted)
  • Lots of Change (Soda/Drink Machines are everywhere...and you need that change when you're thirsty! Also, if you're a neat-freak, and constantly want to clean your clothes in the laundry, then $10 in quarters won't quite cover it..so that change will come in handy!)
  • Snacks (seems obvious, but those Snickers and Hershey Bars will come in handy when you watch a movie in the theater or just when you're craving a snack!Oh yeah, and ramen noodles are the best! You know, like cup noodles? The trick is to let the water in the sink run for a bit and it'll become steaming. Put the water in the cup noodles, and wah-lah! This is only when your RA doesn't let you use the microwave, though. Warning:If your a germ-a-phobic, don't do this.)
  • Umbrella (The rain will soak you to bits...literally. Sometimes when its raining really hard, they take you to the theater and make you watch a movie. Let me warn you: it is COLD, ICY, and FREEZING in there. If your soaking wet in the rain , and go into this cold theater, lets just say its not very pleasant. Speaking of the cold...)
  • Hoodie/Sweater(It's freezing in some of these buildings! A hoodie/sweater will save your life. Oh, and they do come in handy when its raining...most hoodies/sweaters don't soak easily. Suggestion: Buy a JHU hoodie from the college bookstore...not only are they comfortable, but they are really warm and work really well in the rain. Its a bit pricey, though..around $50...)
  • Extra Dressy Clothes (Only for girls. Bring more than what you need for dances, and share them with your hallmates! Its lots of fun...oh, and another suggestion: don't hesitate to bring fancy clothes. Some girls are even seen wearing prom dresses, strapless dresses, or really fancy stuff that would surprise you.)
  • Video Cameras (Oh gosh, its hilarious. When someone brings a video camera and starts filming random stuff, they end up getting some funny footage. Suggestion: Small video cameras work the best. If they're big and bulky...never mind. Just don't bring one)
  • Ghost Stories (Seems lame, but its not. When you have those sleepovers on the weekend, and its light out, its always fun to grab a flashlight and whisper out ghost stories. Even though they're not always scary, its fun to do it and you usually end up having a great time.)
  • Packs of Drinks (You cannot live without Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Flavored Water, Tropicana Juices, Snapple, and of course, Frappuccinos, which are delicious coffee drinks..suggestion: buy a 12 or 24 pack and share them with your hallmates.)
  • Personal Posters/Pictures (This is HIGHLY suggested for people who get homesick! Bring some posters or pictures of famous movie stars, family, friends, or someone familiar. You can hang them up in your room- it not only makes your side of the dorm look more personal and cool, but it also makes you feel a little bit more at home!)
  • Flashlight - yes these are "not allowed" but everyone uses them. they come in handy for those nights when you wait until 30seconds before lights out to brush your teeth and can't find your pjs in the dark. Also, they are handy at times when you're actually trying to eat at night. (let me tell you, it is very hard to eat ramen in the dark!)