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Chad is the nom de guerre of an infamous CTYer who’s real name is Alex (although their last name won't be released until he is a nomore or nevermore). During CTY Los Angeles (LMU) 19.2 Chad gained notoriety after getting caught by a teacher while engaging in sexual acts (notably fingering which Chad admitted to) in the elevator of St. Robert’s Hall. The girl he was with happened to be a student of said teacher and she was quickly reprimanded but Chad escaped and went undercover. Chad made it of the session without any punishment and is now in the Hall of Fame:LOS. Additionally, Chad operated as a male prostitute finding a few clients to the behest of his pimp with the most well-known client of his being a trans guy named Elon Musk (who was the one who gave Alex the nickname "Chad"). Knowledge of him being a prostitute was widely known at the site including by CTY staff although due to a lack of evidence (along with a few RAs turning a blind eye) they couldn't act on it.